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Dear Santa

Danielle Presnell, with help from 5-month-old Bryson, mail the letters to Santa found on these pages at Macyís department store in Atlanta, Ga., Saturday, Dec. 19. Each letter mailed represents a one-dollar donation by Macyís to the Make-A-Wish Found- Dan Barile/farragutpress
All I want for Christmas is... our Daddy's safe return from Iraq.

David, 10, Jack, 7,

Anna, 5, James, 1

I would like a green truck and a transformer d.s., a racetrack and some hot wheel cars. I really like hot wheels. I like the dragon castles too. Do you? I love you Santa and think you are nice.


Griffin, 3

Hello. I would like some Wii games and Lego Star Wars ships please. Maybe some Star Wars action figures and also for you to be careful on your slay. Tell Rudulph I said Hi. I love you Santa Claus.

Jake, 8

All I want for Christmas is a blue dinosaur and a stuffed Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer toy.

I am sorry I didn't sit on your lap, I was a little scared.


Kaityn, 2 3/4

All I want for Christmas is one of my front teeth and I want a dsi and I want a ipod nano for

Christmas. I hope you and your wife are safe and you have a happy new year. I am trying to be good this year. Merry Christmas Santa Claus.

Ainsley, 7

Mommy and Daddy say we have been good all year (for the most part). Please come to our house and bring Emma a Barbie car, Harrison a Big Red Car and Laura a stick. We promise to continue to be good.

Mommy and Daddy ask that you sprinkle some magic dust on Laura to help her become completely potty trained!

We will leave you some cookies and a juice box for a snack.


Laura, Harrison and Emma, 3 1/2 years

I have a big list so get ready! All of the diecasts I ask for are COTís.

XBOX 360, Mark Martin #5 2009, Ryan Newman #39 2009, Patrick Carpentier #10 2008, Rickey Rudd #88 2007, David Gilliland #38 2008, Joe Nemacheck (sic) #87 2009, Lego Crane, Lego Airplane, Lego Water Tower

May I have these things? Hope you have a great Christmas! Thanks!

Max, 8

OK, Santa Get Ready!

XBOX 360, NCAA Football 09, Mario Bros. Wii, Mario 3 Sonic at the Olympic Games Wii, Nascar Ď09 or Ď08, Ricky Rudd 2007, Kenny Wallace #28 US Border Patrol

Merry Christmas!

P.S., We donít need the games just the diecast cars because I love diecast cars!!!!!

Mitch, 8

My name is Noah. I am 4 years old. I have been a good boy this year. Will you please bring me a cars computer and a spaceship? Thank you for being my friend. I love you, Santa!

Noah, 4

All I want for Christmas is a Hello Kitty movie, a Minnie Mouse dress & ears, a Hello Kitty radio, a candy cane, snow to build a snowman, & logs for Daddy to build a fire.

Kylie, 3

i want a moxie girls, a live doll, polly†pokket shimerin†in splash, and a tinker bell game for my leapster.†

i will†leave you and the rendeir some food. Merry Christmas!!


Erin, 6

I would like a wii, dethsar, legos, and lego star wars wii.

Alex, 6 1/2

I would like Olive The Other Reindeer Movie, Wii game, Ds game, Olive The Other Reindeer Book, Amrican girl and Amrican girl clothes.

Annalise, 6

I woule like, a mikrfone for Chismis, and a K+arc for Chismis.

Kyla, 6

I woule like a bell from yur slid, spy gear, phon, Ituch, wedkin, 100$ and ds

Reuden, 6 l/2

I would like a Dsi game, a xbos, computer, a ame cube game, some clothes and a hot weels thing.

Matt, 7 1/2

I would like some chixos, an ipod, bendaroos, and a Webkinz Shark.

Ainslee, 6 1/2

I would like bolltarers with mohokes, snow, lots of munny and a desk.

Bethani, 7 1/2

I woule like a bebowbs.


I would like a special watch that Brock has for our friend ship. I would like a game thatís named Dawn of the dragon. I would like Longshot CS-6.


I would like a new wii game, sports.

Grant, 7

I would like a dog, a DSc Picsows, Gortor, Snow, Ice scats, Elf on the Shelf, a picher of Santa, and a wii.

Carly, 6 1/2

I would like a stuft anyml octups, we, winde up catrpilr, boxing robot.

John, 6

I would like a dress, bike, wii, and barbies.

Dani, 6 1/2

I would like a markin gril dols, big grill egos, markin gril dots.

Nylah, 6

I would like a batman set, and wii fit.

Alde, 6

I would like star wars sips and lego star wars sips, dsi, ds game, star waars and an ideanna jons 2.


I want a modrscotr and a new bike but what I realy want is a good chrimas. You make me gigol win I get my prusits.


Can I have baseball cards and football. Can I have a football. I wish you a meree crismis.


I want so miny things but Iím just going to tel you two. I want a ds and a wii.


I want a pup for Christnas in a box with holles in it. With medeim holls.


I want a cat and a pup and a doll


Iíve been bad this Christmas Iím sure you wonít give me anything this year. Iím sorry.

I reily wanted to do my best but I didnít Iím sorry but this is my wish list, a DS, pokeemon trainer kid, star wars toy, name of star wars charerter I want: R2-D2, bukugans and a movie of care bars, power pug girls and a VCR. P.S. please make the care bears movie a cd.


Will I get these thigns nds lego power miners.


I would like an in in tindo dsi be cuze I have ben so good this year and ski gear.


I want a clone trooper blaster and a clone trooper hellment, and a DS. I want a real star wars spaceship, I wal all of the star wars boocks and all of the star wars the clone wars boocks and all of the star wars charters.


I want a Neno. I want a chamed braceilet. I want a phonen. DSi


I want a NiNtendo and a DSi. I also want a pokemon sapphire game. I lisin.


For For Chritmas all I want for Chritmas is a marry Chritmas to you. I hope you have a marry Chritmas. I hope the elves are doing good if they are that is so good.


I been good. I been helping. Can I plase have a Ipod, Ds, puppy it half to be a goldan rchiver for Christmas. Santa I want to no what you are getting me for Christmas.


I wante Indiana Jons the Idventr com tinys wii, up wii bouser trantsfomers, Dan thmall.


I want a cat, pokemon cards, a ook about frogs and a furr real frinds.


I wan a intendow dsi. I want a amikin gril bunkbed. I want a pare of skats.


This is what I want for Christmas. I want a Ds, an army man, and a cat.


I want a Zuzu pet, North face and Dsi.


I want a Dsi. I wot naj mui trtl van .


I want a Dsi and star wars bcz.


All I want for Christmas is a onarmet and woodee.


All I want for Christmas is a DS and a blaget and a ipod. I am goiting my mom a new hat.


All I want for Christmas is a D.S and a teddy bear and a necklas.


All I want for Christmas is a IPod, phono, DS and a teddy bear. I like to hand ornmes on my Christmas tree.


All I want for Christmas is a telescop and a hed set.


I would like a hair extention salon, Nintendo D.S., Barbie scooter Password jornal, and Potty Pocket roller coster.


I woul like to have a bike, a mp3 player, a new brother, a new scooter, a new tv, call dutty matter war far 2, a 5000 doller, a ipod and a ps2.


I want a psi.


I want my famley. I want X-ten. I love you. I wont my mom Dad bruthers.


I would like a DS, DS games, Bottle cap neckleses, a puppy diar, puppy books and little pet shops.


I want a furberry for crismiss.


I want a psp, 2wii game, 2 ds games, exbox, sprock scouter, loo dolers, loo boles, Ipod, grt, drum, and a miker fone.


I would like a have a wii. I would like a box tv with glitre.


I woule like for Chrismas is a lightbrite and horses, toys.


I would like a DSeye, a wii, a 100000000000 dollars, a psp , an cd by milee siris, a not book with a llock and a computer.


I would like a peace notepad, a cpuare and a peace pin.


I would like to have a eltricke sotre, a bike and a Psi.


I would like a Dsi, Ds games, a lab top, plats, bak u gon, a desk, x box 360, Ipod fone tstder, black.


I would a buld a bear work shop gift card, a present of f, a dsi, a ds, a Hannah Montana braclit, a stuffed bear, a doll, a Merry Christmas doll, and lots of Jack and Annaie books.


Can i ples have a cinpyutr and a dsi for crismis.


I would like a art cik, a wii, a bs, a soot cas, a eltrike scooter, and baby Jack.


I want a dsi, a bacogon, a deas, a ipod higtvegin.


I would like a uley doll, a dsi and a suspris.


I would like a bide, a doll, and coputer, a book, a pet, and notebook.

Annie Beth

Ameica girl doll clos, DS and I mean it. Chalk board, a new India fan wita ribben on it. A hat like yours for my brother. A justis gift card. A santa card, it better be all about you.

Leah, 7

A little brothr, a Dsi, a famlle game night and no little sistr and a guitr heoh wii game, and most of all a santa sute.

Connor, 8

A pupy that can wok, and a sistr. Also littis pet shop, and my too frut teeth and a red shingey crimis dres with a jacit!

Leah, 6

A I phone, a sutcase with peace signs and stars. I Pod, I Pod deck, a cast, a cast fore my leg. And if you can some bakugan and bakugan cards.

Cameron, 6

Toys, books, game dsi girl. The barbe cristmas dream howes, a pla screen tv, Barbes tine medem.

Joann, 7

A Wii with the super smash bros brawl. Wii game. And a Franny K Stein Mad Scientest book.

James, 6

A little brother and for the best Chritmas ever, and a snowgrove and a dinasr.

Kamron, 6

A DS and a Barie dreamhouse. And games for my dolee, and a iphon and a pairrit that is a webkin, and about every famis think. You roke santa you do.

Laura, 6

My toy frun teeth, a new santa hat.

Deven, 6

A toy baby kkid, a baby pig, dsi, yo gabgab games for my dsi, gers of war action figure toy and a toy baby dog.

Ashton, 6

A wii that has a wii balanche board and that has yoga on it and different games too. I want for my mom is a purse a yellow purse. I wan for my sister is a toy baby. I want for my dad is a telescop.

Emily, 6

A two wel bike. I want a kitchen. I want a two wel skootr. I want a fake dog. I want a fake cat. I want amarikan grl.

Maggie, 6

A helk lamp and a hulk umbrel. And a voice changer and a ds, and a d.s. case and mony.

Grace, 7

A build-a-bear doll. And a Hello Kitty fortune cookie maker. Also a animated cat playing with ball. I would also like a multi voice changer.

Rhea, 7

A real drt bike.

Matt, 6

A i dog, and the move emusites and lego rok band for my bruther, and a floot, and a book. A chrismis hat, a bell, a cat stoking. And a neklis and a candiance.

Heather, 6

A pink gun and a puppy and a kittin and a bike and a neklis and pant.

Kassidy, 7

A four willr and a dis and a ril dog and a ril cat and a skat burd and a spug bob burd.

Aaron, 8

I want my tooth to come out! A little pet shop. A twelve days of Christmas. I want a dsi, a tree.

Megan, 6

I had been good. I would like a ps2. I would like crash twins.


I want a new stuffed anamle and the DS game pet shows.


I want a pig game and I want soft socks and I ben good and I like you.


I love you santa, and ps Iím 7 yirs old.


I want a wii and a dsi and a santa hat. New paint, a new cat named preago and a gutar my size.


I would like a chamgten. I would like a Amarkin girl. I would like a phone. I would like a dog and a cat and I would like a cereis toy. I would like a reell mikrphone. I would like a yoyo.


I want soft socks. A chrissmise barbee. A boy chrissmise barbee , pupetes. You are nice to give stuff and hamster.


I like you and you come on my faverit halliday, Christmas.


I would like a mrugan grl and her name is Emilee and the mrugan girl jootery.


I relly whant brgor pig and Star wars legos and; a laptop and scoo-be doo 2 the movie the rell Ben ten omecrex, a watch and a dsi.


All I want is a good crismis and a dog.


You are nise and you give people what they want if thyv been good.


I wat more bokgon and I wat more of it.


I want a football, and I want a PS3. I want a Xbos 360. I want a DSi. I want a football game.


I wat a scate buond and a dog.


I want scechr.


I want a modrscotr and a new bike. But what I realy want is a good chrimas. You make me gigol win I get my prusits.


Can I have baseball cards and football. Can I have a football. I wish you a meree crismis.


I want so miny things but Iím just oing to tel you two. I want a ds and a wii.


All I want for Christmas is a wii and games to toys and CD to and Taylor Swift to and music the ts. all Santa elves

Emma, 6

All I want for Christmas is a dsi. And a lot of dsi and game boy games. And a nuther elf on the shelf. And a lot of other stuff.

Ben, 6

A I want for Chistmas is a getar and a hot weels track and a Biggr Yoldo and a DS and treo


All I want for Chistmas is a power Scooter and a lebraand a transformer.


All ia want for Chistmas is a sceature, used of quick gems, a icarly fashon switch figure set, a new webkun gitter lava and a snugie

Emily, 7

All I want for Christmas is a polly pocket rollrkostr and slime and webkins and Horse stuff

Katelyn, 7

All I want for Christmas is a Dsi and Ds and Mario Suppr Slugres and lots of Webkinzs and Mario broths and Eric beras Grize and montrios haelses Grize and a snake that a live.

Cooper, 7

All I want for Christmas is a three willer 2 wheels in the back on wheel in the front all you do is press the gas pedal. But make sure you have a helmet and its got handles too. and it will be pink.

Kaylee, 7

All I want Cochemas is moo smoeol bols zan for paxon sas siue


All I want for Christmas is a dinisor set, play gun, slippers, two icees, dounots on for me other for my sister

Ellie, 6

All I want for Christmas is I can gat present. and I love you becase your very nice and evrybor can get present. and your rodot is very pletty!

Eun, 6

Jewelry, a ball pit, a jumping pit, stuffed animals, paint, a doll house, remote control puppy

Jenna, 6

big stuffed tiger, wii, battleship, colorín smell, mini trampoline, webkinz snake, animal house, bear, meerkat, ds. games, guess who, bakugan, bongos, light sabers, 2 go carts, 10 been bags, erector set, science set

Jackson, 6

anipod, a hamster

Tatum, 6

i pod touch, boy in a row, star wars figures, star wars castle, star fighter, dog

Eli, 7

DSI, 5 pound weight, 8 pound weight, games for DSI, games for wii, case for DSI, Martian matter, goosebums horrland, X box, Play station three, lego space police and something nice for my mom Amy

Zackary, 6

A DS, A Skip-Bo game, A DS game.

Abby, 7

A Wii, A art supplise. Boots. Also new colors. Dear Santa and his elves, How are you doing? My name is Emma Stone. I enjoyed your elf at my house. It was fun! We named him Jack.

Emma, 7

Nintendo ds. nerf sword, lego city, captin underpants, guitar and guess what. I hope mrs claus and Santa and the reindeer are doing good.

Michael, 7

DSi, conpDr, Starwars 2 forest, Ebox360, basketball, football

Connor, 6

A ski and snowboard, Walkie talkie, sea Barbie, texter

Ainsley, 7

A DS Lite a pink one. Some princess books. And some berbe dolls. A cat Wabcin. And a Pet game for the DS. I have bin good. I love santa.

Madison, 6

is, lego star warses


Barbie, Princesses, Mini mouse walet, Tedy bear, Bratz, Chapter books

Flopi, 6

Nintendo DS and more Wii games and Wii Hockey

Ian, 6

Can you give me a Wizzrds of Waverly Pace globe? Because I am doing so good in class. Iín a good girl. P.s. can you give me some pants that are not blue-jeens.

Emily, 6

I have bin so good this yir becus I olne have five Bís so I want a toy jet and a toy motrcicl and a toy kichin.

Michael, 6

Sant Clos I only wishd it to snow. P.S. I allwas war mi cote and mi mittins.

Jaden, 7

You shud give me the presins I wont becauaes I have ben good and I give you cookies and millk and I help my mom and I help my grandy and I be nise to my frins and I hope my pet rat donít scer you I love you Santa and I kone you love me too. I love you to Misis Clos.

Lily, 6

I have bin nice to my sister this year. So I want a book about you Santa rily bad and mke it chip if you can bicuse I just donít rily want to spend a lot of muny this year. I helped my mom and dad and baby bruthr Doason and my sister Braelyn. I clined my room up with my little sister Braelyn and mom or dad didinít even help me or Braelyn. And Santa I have kept my hol book of Aís so far. I love you Santa Clas rily much.

Brinley, 7

Can I get a move? That move is cat in the hat. Iím good I donít hit my momand dad. So please get me a move. Santa Iím onley six.

Marshall, 6

I would like for you and your elfes to bring me a start bike for Christmas because I have tried to do my best. Have a safe trip and have a Merry Christmas.

Tyler, 6

I want a dis. I want a lago set. I want I want zoom zoom pets. I want some pokemon cars. I want tranplen. I want a racetrake. I want a maracart shrt. I want a psp.

Bradley, 6

For Christmas I want a moxie girl named Avery and a laptop and and a ipod and the princsse and the frog move and a American gril doll. And a Wisrd of Wevlye Pleceae Wodene. And a berge maker and a nodlle maker. I want all those stuff because I was good for one hole day once.

Dominique, 7

I want a laptop because I donít have one yet. Ive been good. I have been wanting one for a long time. I get on my papaws sometimes. I want a blue and pink laptop with purple and blue stars and microphones. And blue pink and purple and red bows and hearts and colorful colorful colorful very colorful stars. And very very shiney jewels with pink jewels.

Gracie, 7

I want a fish and a fish tank becus I helpt mom and dad do stuff. And I want a DIS becus I bin good and I want a DS because Iíve got let ol Aís in school and I want a computer becus I care for my mom. And I want a camra becus I love God and I want the bigist presit in the word becus I did good in school and I want a little Christmas tree and pink bed and a pink room.

Brianna, 6

I want a skat bod ples. My mom wont let me git one. And a helmd that would be a gud ide donít you? P.S. I olsou thek I want a jurl to. I have outid wutid a gnle to putles Santa.

Jacob, 7

I think I should get a jooly set becus I cleaned my room . And I think I should get a cat set becus I helped my sistr clen the play room. And a stuft anumil because I clened up my mess. And clened the cats liter up. And I think I should get a ordumit becus I did my home wrck. And a borby becus I cled my closit to.

Caroline, 6

For Chismas this year I would like a spead scootr. Becass I wated Eligah. I ceped a hole page of Aís and I think there was Eís too


I wot a brbe haus. I wot a car. I wota the littlist petsshop. A petshop.

Mary Alice, 6

I wont a bead netlis and I wot a drand. I wot one of them me. Bring that are shineng. And I wota a nwho shhos. And I wona nwho bike. And I wota Nwho bulk.

Jade, 6

I wount a dres and a wount to snow. And a sgor and a polr sras and a cors mofe and a lus and a polrsras mofe and a ktor and a scacolrd and a bacid and a kop qra.

Martin, 6

I want a laptog Wii Babe haos and a hair theng with gras babe real gritr.

Olivia, 6

A DS because my mom never buys me a game. Can you give me one please Santa Clause because my mom does not and my ant does but she dusant feel like it. Please give me one. I wish for it every night when I go to bed. Santa Clause can I get one. I hope you say yees. Come on Santa Clause, please. My mom has never-ever gotten me one. She always gives one to the boys every day. Can I get one one Santa please please Santa Clause.

I really really really want one so bad Santa Clause. OK I really hope you get me one Sant Clause.

Tori, 7

A puppy that is soft. I can play with the puppy by throwing a tennisball with her. Ican run with the puppy so she can get her exercise. I think I would name her Chelsea. She sould love to go on walks with me. She could go swimming with me. I could teach her how to swim. Santa can you get me a nice, soft, cuffy puppy for Christmas?

Rachel, 7 1/2

A make your own rainbow kit, world peace and a Julie Amarican girl Doll.

Anastasia, 7

To go to Florida because I want my family to have a good Christmas. We have nervy ben before and we mit have a good time at Florida. It will be so muc fun. I am sur my family will have a grat time to get out uf the house just like me and I stell want to go to Florida.

JJ, 8

I want a soccer ball for a kid in Afica to play swoccer with his friends. I know the kid wants to have fun. I want a soccerball for a kid without toys.

William, 8

An Awesome book with funny poems. I will read it and read some of the brilliant book to my awesome brother. I love awesome books with poems. I will be happy when I get it. Please get me an awesome book with poems.

Austin, 8

A DSI will be fun. I brok my other DS. I will never every Brack it. Sence you know how I feel and love cildren Ö get me a DSI

Patrick, 7

A DSI because You can take cool pictures and write letters. DSIs are cool but cooler thin a DS. You can play cool games thatís really fun.

Deven, 8 1/2

Vincient to have money. He is very pore. We are sending him money each mouth. I really want him to have money. Can you give him a nice cozy bod? See he lives in Africa, and he does not have a lot of money. Iím just trying to be nice. Pleas bring something for him.

Kenley, 7

I want a lot of tyos for Christmas day. I love you. Ples braning a lot uv tyos. Plees a lot of lot a lot uv tyos thank you I like you.

Connor, 7

A friend to sit with on the bus because I feel lonely. I donít have friends. My brother has a lot of friends. I feel sad when they get off and nobody wants to sit with me. All of the other children have friends except me. I was wondering if you could bring me a friend. If you can that would be great.

Ariel, 7

My four front teeth, drums and the prayer cross I saw on TV.

Sadie, 7

A DSI because itís fun. And awesome and neet. Iíts cool! It can take pictures. I can also re-cord. A black DSI.

Walker, 8

A DS with the game Cooking Mama Ö a white DS please! My sister does not share hers. I get so mad. Even when my dad asks her to give it to me she still does not give it to me! It would be the best present ever!

Kylie, 8

Make up for my friend because she needs some of that stuff. Me and her are best friends and can it be a make up set? That would be good canit be kinda like mine? Make it be pink. Make it have loshin in it. I bet she will be surprised. With flowers. So please bring a make up set.

Sierra, 7

A new movie. The movie I want is Sobby Doo the mestry begin. I sena partes of it on TV an itís awesome! I would share it with my family. Iím sure they will like it too. It si a little secery, but we are not scered because we wacin twilight thatís a little scery too. So Iím not scered. So Santa place bring me Sobby Doo the mestry begin.

Kendall, 8

I want my dog to be here in USA because he is in Polska and I miss him. Will you bring him?


A great rest of the and a great New Year. Me, my mom and dad, my two cousins and their mom and dad, are all going to the beach if ti is very warm. If it is really cold, we will got to the mountains to go skiing. I have never gone skiing before. I know it does nto sound fun with a bunch of boys and all, but even though one is nine and one is eleven it is still lots of fun! Please Santa Please! I wish for a great time with my cousins, my aunt, and my uncle!

Abby, 7 1/2

I want a DS. I want 2 games to it. I donít have one anyway. Last year I did not get one. Im not happy about that. I wish I cold have one. Plece Santa.

Sidney, 7

Dr Sito Luk you for kif me some tis I no you ore besvev a lot bot I wot a big fite rokt shep.

Tyler, 8

Pocket rocket, simi truck cars racetrack.

Alex, 7

DS game. Nintendog. Drussup clothes. Slippers. Aqua sand, books, art stuff.

Alyssa, 7

I want a backpack I want a lunhe box I also want a toy tind. I want a good bike and my new bed. And my new DS game and my new baby doul So I can play .

Crystal, 6

A whoppie cushion. Thank you for all the Chistmas presents you have ever brought me! I can play a big joke on my brother. It is fun to play with! It would keep me busy during spring break. I can make my dad f@%t. I can make the world f@%t.

Austin, 7

Thank you for all you have given me for this year and this is what I wantbecuz I have ben good I am smart. And I whish I cood get Batman Legoe and a PS3. And even born raw vs smakdown solo and pcb the rest.

Brennan, 7

I am greatful about the preents you have got me last yerer. Iív ben wanting a lego set for Chritmas, also I want logo rock band and a tree hous. P.S. Iív ben boing good. And I have coceís.

Eli, 8

I love all the other Christmas presents you have given me. I might like you to get me a lime green ipod. I love music and have my favorit is owlcity. I want for my bithday is a camera. Ipods are cool and cameras are cool too thank you.

Mary Grace, 9

Thank you for all the Christmas presents you have ever brought me! This year I have been good. I take care of my cats. I take care of my mom and dad. I would like a DSI and I would like a book and a xbox 360 games.

Spencer, 8

Thank you for all the Christmas presents you have ever gave me. I would like you to bring me pokťmon cards and a xbox 360. Please, but this year I really want a Harry Potter DS game, please.

Jake, 7

Thank you for all the presnts. It would be nice if you piced for me because I have no idea what I want. And I have never dour this so have a happy joyful year.

Hannan, 7 1/2

Thank you for all the presents. This year could you bring me a Ipod toch beacous Lee dosnít let me play with hers ipod. Mom needs new appís beacos all her appís are getting to easy plas. We have wifi I got all Eís exseped for one A.

Max, 7

I appreciate all the toys youíve goven Me! This year may I please have a Word Girl calendar to keep track of the days, a Word Girl costume for Halloween, and Sunflora costume please? Indiana Jones Logos for Parker would be nice and can you please choose the rest for me? All year I have tried to be very good, because I knew Christmas was coming!

Carly, 8

Thank you for all the Christmas presents you have ever brought me! This I need a new guitar because my other one is boke. I played it too much. Cat I have a ipod for Christmas? I would play with it every day. It would be entertaining to me. Can I have a lap top. Thak you Saint Nick for a good Christmas.

Lexis, 8

Iím thankful for all the presents you have ever broght me! First, I want an Indiana Jones movie bullwhip. Iíll get it because I get strait A,s. Then sence Iím not mean, I donít talk back to people and Iím realy nice. Last because, I never ever, do any thing wrong at home and at school or any where in the world wrong. Iím realy realy good to get my Indiana Jones bullwhip. Please, please, please.

Jacson, 7

I will appreciate the presents will you give me like some Legos if you donít I will send another letter! Iím good in schoole and thatís why you shold bring me gifts!

Jeremian, 7

Lego Star Wars set. Please bring my dad a new bunny.

Tyler, 8

I am thankful for all the preasents you have ever gave me. I want a scooter. Brazt doll. DS. And a Barbie. I am helpful to my parents. When my mom tells me to take care of my baby brother I do it. Sometimes when my dad hearts my moms feeling I make my mom happy.

Adja, 8

I appreciate all the presents you have have brought me! This year, I really want CHIXíOs. They look fun, but thank you if I donít get them. Some legos for my brother because he likes them very much. The fourth twilight book for my mom. Some dollys for me would be nice. A Wii for the family because it might be fun.

Paxton, 8

A Bratz doll because itís so fun to play with. A pink DS so I can to do it on rainey days. Also a Wii with games. Petshot now play a G-force to play.

Maya, 7

This year I want a Xbox 360. I want a new DSI game. I want some Wii gams. I want a movie. I want Tony Hawk for my DSI. I want a play station. I want some Xbox 360 games. I want a Ipod.

Haley, 7

Thank you for all the Christmas presents you have ever brought me! This year I would like a DSi or a DS because I can play it over winter break.

Cody, 7

Pet shops and something for my family. What I want for my mom is a miorr. For my bhruther a beliy and for my dad work binder.

McKenzie, 7

Xbox, Kome KoBor, dog, toy, car, cat, can

Michel, 7

S DS and some game for the DS and mome littid pet shop.

Linda, 6

I wot a little peshop

Brianna, 7

A PSP, megaman and snow on Chrsitmas day.

Jonah, 6

A mostr truck, a mostr truck game

Scott, 6

A bell, my 2 teth, a little doll.

Cami, 6

A DS and DS stuff. LPS littieis pet shop My own teddy bear with P.J. Bobby Jack stuff spy kit

Reagan, 6

Bud scash, brbys two, fut tyth, pet shop, mackup

Jessica, 6

Manshark, dog, nref gun, DS,

Eli, 7

Pokemon, mustry dughgoun explores of sky. Pokemon DSI Wii starwars battlefront

Ryan, 2

A DSI, dog, pantespt, didtdlra mr doll. A goodtime

Zion, 7

W wot makup and maku makubag. Dog just like my dog.


I want a giant boat that I can control with a red remot and the boat have red sails and shoet canons.

Jacob, 8

A puffel from Club Penquin and I hope you come viset some time good day.

Skylar, 7

Lego Indiana Jones if you have some.

Brandon, 7 1/2

Lego Indiana Jones 2 the video game because you can bild your own level. Also it will keep me away from computer it also has the kindom of the cristle skull.

Zackary, 7 1/2

All I want for Christmas is a psp because you can play more games on a psp. Then you can have more fun on a psp.

Hayly, 7

My dad. He lives in Lawvenceburg. And I would have friends that I can go to in one minute.

Bannon, 7

To see my mom. I hae not got to see her for two years. I want to see dad too. I have not got to see him its been a long time. It would make me and my brother happy. You are my favrite. It would be fun. And that is it by, thank you.

Jaysa, 7 1/2

A polly poket roller coster because it can be a fun toy to play with at home for a girl. I also want a Magic Tree House Blizzard of the Blue Moon book. Thank you

Meca, 7

A Nerf gun cause I like them. And to play with them.

Nicholas, 7 1/2

A x-box 360. Do you have Rudolph? I never have a x-box before.

Ricky, 7

I want a trick dirt bike for christmiss because I like it because they go faster than normal.

Brian, 7

My glasses, my new bed, and for my tooth to come out.

Maya, 7

A dog because Jaws is lonely when we are on a trip.

Tia, 7

A trick fourwheeler some video games modern warfare Madden 10 football for xbox 360 a pet snake. College football 10, NBA2k10.

Noah, 8

A electric scooter because I have always wanted one. I would like a DSI so I can take pictures on it. I would also like a cat toy for my kitty. Tahnks! PS: I got you a present!

Madi, 7 1/2

A DS easy bake, jewelry and a jewelry box. With the DS I will take good care of it.

Kandy, 7

All I want for Christmas is a DSI a Wii fit and a American girl doll and a great year, one more thing a great Chrismas thatís all for rite now.

Kylie, 7

A jet and a nanobug.

Zach, 8

Some dog and cat toys because I want to play with my pets and my pets name is dogs name sky my cats name is cally.

Dylan, 7


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