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letter to the editor
Mayor responds to presstalk caller

To the caller who wants to know why I park in a handicap parking space when “there is no one in his car handicapped.”

How can you so easily dismiss the possibility that I am the one who is handicapped, which in fact, is the case. Did you notice that I walk with a very deliberate and measured stride? Did you notice any limp in my stride? (If not, it must have been a good day for me.)

Have you noticed my instability and uneasiness with any steps or stairs? Could you notice whether I experienced any pain in walking?

What you could not know is that a 20-inch-long titanium rod has held my left leg together and has been the reason that I can walk at all since a devastating accident in 2001. I have pain at times, but I never know when it will show up. Arthritis is developing at both ends of the rod. There are many things that I cannot do anymore because of my leg; it simply won’t move in normal ways. But, one thing I can do is legally park in handicap spots, a practice that I will continue without apologies. I would gladly trade parking in distant spaces for a normal leg.

I have no quarrel with your right to voice your opinion and to criticize, but you also have a right to ask questions. A good question in this circumstance would have been, “Is the Mayor handicapped?”

Ralph McGill



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