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• I read with interest the notation that the editor put that the municipality was required to act as good stewards of the money of the town of Farragut. I find that highly amusing when it’s referring to the [Grigsby Chapel Road] traffic islands, irrigation system and landscaping, which is a pitiful attempt at both. This company needs to be reprimanded, needs to be put on a timed deadline, as they have flat fooled around doing this for over a month, and the landscaping job is terrible. I guarantee you, the first heavy rain, that landscape is going to be all washed out into the street because the calming islands are too wide to begin with. So again, when we have accidents from the landscaping washing out into the street, in addition to the calming islands, maybe Ruth Hawk, our brilliant Town engineer, who evidently doesn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain, can do something to change those.

Editor’s Note: Ruth Hawk is not town engineer. She is community development director, in charge of the development and codes departments. The Town engineer is Darryl Smith.

• I realize that as a municipality, the town of Farragut has to give contracts to the low bidder, but has anybody noticed the sorry job of landscaping on the [Grigsby Chapel Road] calming islands, that basically amounts to traffic hazards anyway. If we have to have calming islands that are so disgustingly wide they are causing accidents left and right and are going to get the city sued, could we at least have someone semi-competent do the landscaping on them? Did anybody notice that it was just hard, red clay that somebody just dumped mulch on top of? And that it’s taken them literally weeks to plant a few trees in each one? It’s the sorriest job of landscaping I’ve ever seen in my life, and no one would tolerate it at their home, so why do we tolerate a contractor billing the Town for such sorry work?

• We were just wondering: all the money being collected by the red light cameras, where that money was going to be allocated, to who[m] would it be — who would be in charge of spending that money — and what budgets it would be allotted to. Thank you.

• Since the town of Farragut does not have a police force to investigate any accidents at the intersections where these red light cameras are, it appears to me that since the County or State law enforcement officers are investigating any accidents there, and that these red light cameras are installed on County or State or U.S. highways, that any funds collected at these intersections should therefore go to the County, the State or the U.S. treasury, as the town of Farragut has no funds invested in these intersections. Thank you.

• To whomever stole our Christmas candy cane decorations from our front yard: do you realize that when you do that, you also steal the Christmas spirit from the people who took the time and money to display them? We enjoy decorating for others to enjoy. It may seem like a fun prank to you, but someday you will realize how it takes joy out of the neighborhood.

• Via Recently at the intersection of Campbell Station & Kingston Pike I’ve noticed on several occasions cars driving through the yellow/red lights, and have not seen the giant flash coming from the camera which is what I thought I understood them to be for. These were times near dusk or just after sundown when a flash could not have been missed. At the same time I have also seen cars going through what has seemed to me as a green/yellow light and the camera’s went off!?. What I am wondering is what exactly is the camera photographing? I feel myself very paranoid to enter these intersections unless the light is fresh and I am starting from a stopped position. I hate that I am afraid to drive my own streets for fear of getting a little surprise in the mail telling me I broke the law. I have never run an intentional red light that I know of; we have all been caught at an intersection when the light turns on you so what can you do but proceed to the other side. Now if this happens we are penalized with a $50 check to Uncle Sam. I have no feelings pro or con about the camera’s wholesomeness nor do I wish to debate it, but with flashers going off taking what “seems like random pictures in, MY OPINION” of who knows what I find myself avoiding these intersections as much as possible. Can someone give me words of reassurance so I can relax when I drive?

• Via According to NPR (National Public Radio) statistics show red light cameras do not save lives, merely leaving the yellow light on for 7 seconds instead of 4.5 seconds does. No one wants to believe that something that simple will work. Too bad, especially when we are talking about saving lives.

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