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Farragut mayor undergoes surgery
McGill’s chest pains blamed on gallstones

Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill was rushed to Parkwest Medical Center, Monday, Dec. 21, with chest pains.

After rounds of tests, McGill was diagnosed with gallstones and released from the hospital Dec. 24 to spend Christmas with family. He returned Dec. 30 for surgery.

He is expecting to make a full recovery after laparoscopic gall bladder surgery Wednesday, Dec. 30.

“I do have a bunch of bullet holes in me. That’s what it looks like,” McGill joked about the laparoscopic surgery, which involves surgery being performed through several small incisions rather than one large one.

“That kind of surgery is not anything like traditional surgeries. It’s just a lot easier to deal with,” McGill said.

“I expect to be back next week,” he added of his recovery time.

McGill suffered a heart attack in 2001, followed by bypass surgery. After that, he said, he takes chest pain seriously.

“I went in with chest pains. … So anytime I have chest pains, I’m going to do the same thing [going to the hospital].

“But it was not a heart attack. In fact, all the tests they did indicate the heart is doing very well,” McGill said.

“The doctor said [my] repair job, which was done almost nine years ago, he said, ‘It looks like it was done yesterday,’” he added.

However, that sent McGill through other rounds of tests to determine the problem.

“My cardiologist discovered the gallstones in one of his probes,” McGill said.

No other problems were found.

“You don’t really need your gall bladder, they say. I guess I’m going to find out.

“[Someone] asked me, ‘What does your gall bladder do?’ I said, ‘It gives you gall. You heard about somebody who doesn’t have the gall to do something? That’d be me,’” McGill joked.


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