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• I have driven for 45 years and had one ticket in all that time. Now, in the course of a month, I get two tickets for rolling right hand turns at 5 miles per hour. I’ve been making these turns for 45 years, and they endanger no one. I believe that I had already stopped. I had certainly slowed to a point where it was safe to make the turn. From now on, I am stopping five feet ahead of the line, and will not turn until the light changes to green. This will retard the flow of traffic, which seems to be what the town of Farragut wants, with its traffic islands and everything. But it is not good for the rest of us. Get these stupid cameras out of Farragut.

• With the reduced traffic due to the almost vacant shopping plaza, it seems the traffic light at Concord Road and Green Bank can be eliminated.

• Via After reading the mayor’s editorial reply to the handicap parking comment about him, I felt that I must reply to it. Mr. Mayor, if you park in a handicap spot you must either have a license plate or a window tag indicating that you are handicapped in order to make it legal. If you choose to park there without one you are parking illegally and subject to a fine of up to $500! You of all people should know that. Get a sticker or plate and be a good citizen.

Editor’s Note: Mayor Ralph McGill has a permit affixed to his rearview mirror designating him as a disabled driver. Permanent disabled-driver placards are issued only by submitting an application that includes doctor approval and justification. The permit also has to be renewed every two years.

• Via e-mail: In response to the new red-light cameras in the Farragut area. I don’t know why people have such a problem with them. Anyone who paid attention in drivers education [class] knows that you (the driver) are supposed to be on alert when approaching an intersection anyway. It’s called “defensive driving.” So if these people are paying attention to what they are doing and stopping and slowing at lights like they should be ... What is there to cause a stink about?? The only people that will be penalized are the people who break the law and blow through the red lights. It’s not rocket science, just good old common sense. For goodness sakes, if someone is driving a 2-ton vehicle, one would think they would be focusing on paying attention to what they are doing instead of blabbing/texting on their cell phones, playing with their iPods, putting on makeup, eating or anything else that distracts them from being safe drivers. On another note, the calming islands, I had a problem with them at first because of traffic backups but soon I realized they aren’t so bad. All these people that are complaining that they are going to cause accidents, again, if you are staying on your side of the street and in your lane, what’s to cause the accident? People have hit them. Yes, but what were they doing to cause them to hit it? Simple answer, not paying attention.

• Via I would really like to know why such a big fuss was made by “the powers that be” in the city of Farragut over the lovely blue color of the Icearium on Kingston Pike a while back? They made such a big deal out of it that the color had to be changed, as required by the city of Farragut, to that awful brown so that it would look “natural” and blend in with the surroundings! I, personally, found nothing wrong with the blue color especially since the building sits back off the road and is almost out of the Farragut area and is not “in your face”... as is the “Doggie Day Care and Groomer” on the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, of all places, behind a prominent historical home and makes the whole corner look trashy! Why is that business permitted to blatantly paint its outside walls those gaudy, iridescent and “in your face” colors as it sits right smack in the middle of the most conservative town of Farragut for all to see? Do they have friends in high places that overlook the city’s “code” of color conduct? I would have rather seen the Icearium stay blue and out of the way than have those awful colors blaring every time I’m in the intersection of downtown Farragut!! I think there is a problem here ... maybe a double standard!!

Editor’s Note: As reported in farragutpress, the issue with the Icearium paint dealt with deviations from specs that had been turned into the town of Farragut and approved, not so much the color. The Town doesn’t have an ordinance per se as to what color an existing structure should or could be painted.

• Via e-mail: Is it too late to get the YMCA to reconsider taking our pool off our hands? Please come back! Maybe they can name it the Virtue YMCA or North Farragut YMCA, or anything they want, just so you take it. Who would have thought that the same lunatics that fought so hard against even considering a lease proposal from the YMCA would now be running the neighborhood and threatening legal action against anyone that doesn’t want to support their precious little pool and swim team? They told us that the mandatory provision in our covenants only applied to new residents so that we would sign. Now they’re threatening us and telling us we’d better pay or they’ll have their attorney sue us! We didn’t sign on to run a summer recreation program for the town of Farragut but since we obviously are, why doesn’t Farragut send us a check to cover the expenses? We know the swim team doesn’t expect to, and never has paid their fair share of the expenses. We have faith that you’ll at least be truthful with us and treat us fairly. YMCA, PLEASE COME BACK, we’re begging ya!

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut does not have any connection with swim teams within its borders. Nor does it oversee recreational swimming.

• Via Perhaps we should all take a long break from attending any men’s athletic events at [The University of Tennessee] in response to another incident involving athletes and guns. Nothing speaks louder than empty seats.

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