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Police reports

• Dec. 14: A Hickory Woods Road man advised Knox County Sheriff’s Office officer P.J. Lambert an unknown suspect cut down a pine tree in his yard and took it without his permission.

• Dec. 14: A Midhurst Drive man advised KCSO officer P.J. Lambert an unknown suspect damaged the fender, spoiler and hatch of his vehicle with an unknown object, and took his taillight.

• Dec. 16: A Fort West Drive woman advised KCSO officer Kerri Medina she discovered the GPS was missing from her vehicle. She last remembers seeing the GPS in the car a week ago. Vehicle was unlocked and in an open garage.

• Dec. 16: A Dundee Road man advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect took his daughter’s purse from their residence during a party. Purse contained gift cards, debit cards, camera, mp3 player, $800 and two payroll checks.

• Dec. 16: An Autumn Glade Lane woman advised KCSO officer Donnie Ion an unknown suspect broke into her vehicle and stole a laptop computer and 70 Christmas cards.

• Dec. 16: KCSO officer James Page responded to Kroger Marketplace off Brooklawn Street on report of a disturbance. Victim stated she was backing out of a parking space when a known suspect kicked the back of her vehicle, then kicked the rear left door of her vehicle. No damage was done to the vehicle, but officers could see a footprint. Suspect stated he was hit by the victim’s vehicle. He was very upset when officers arrived, and was armed with a pocketknife. Due to his anger and the weapon in his back pocket, the suspect was cuffed for safety reasons. After viewing the store security camera, officer discovered the vehicle did not strike the suspect, and the suspect had “plenty of opportunity to not get in the path of the vehicle but did so anyway.” Suspect was not injured.

• Dec. 17: A Farrington Drive woman advised KCSO officer Mike Freels she discovered her credit card was missing after eating at Burger King off Northshore Drive. Victim returned to her home, went on-line and found two unauthorized charges on her card, one at each of the Best Buy stores in the Knoxville area. Total amount of those charges was $2,898.60.

• Dec. 18: A Sonja Drive man advised KCSO officer Cathy Norris he believes his wallet fell out of his pocket while he was in Kroger Marketplace in Farragut. Victim said it probably fell out when he was getting into his vehicle. Victim advised he had called Kroger several times but no one had turned in the wallet.

• Dec. 18: A Kroger Marketplace employee advised KCSO officer Margaret Carpenter he and another co-worker observed two suspects leaving the store with a cart full of groceries and Christmas items. The complainant and the other store employee approached the suspect in the parking lot, where she was unloading items into the trunk of her vehicle. Complainant asked the suspect if she had paid for the items, and suspect said she had and the receipt was in the vehicle. Suspect then walked to the driver’s side door, opened it, got into the vehicle and then drove away. Complainant got the license plate number, but it was not on file.

• Dec. 19: KCSO officer Mark Belliveau responded to Wild Wing Café off Campbell Lakes Drive to investigate a hit and run involving a parked vehicle. Victim advised she departed Wild Wing Café the night before, after she had “had too much to drink and decided to leave her vehicle parked in the lot.” During the time the vehicle was left in the lot, an unknown suspect crashed into the driver’s side door of the vehicle. Unknown suspect did not leave notification.

• Dec. 19: A Broadwood Drive man advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect broke the front passenger window of his vehicle and stole an iPod.

• Dec. 19: An Orchid Road man advised KCSO officer Matthew Schlosshan his tractor-trailer, and cell phone were taken from Select Express off Watt Road. A set of keys had been left in the vehicle. Victim also advised he was hauling a load of copper, value unknown.

• Dec. 20: A Misty View Lane woman advised KCSO officer P.J. Lambert an unknown suspect entered her vehicle and stole her GPS system. She advised vehicle was locked, but there was no damage to the vehicle.

• Dec. 21: An FSG Bank employee advised KCSO officer Tim Blackburn two black males entered the bank and cashed six checks for a total amount of $40,000. Checks were written on the account of a company in Chattanooga. Complainant also advised these checks had been reported as counterfeit by that company. Complainant had possible suspect information from two of the IDs used by the suspects for identification.

• Dec. 23: A Cracker Barrel employee advised KCSO officer Rick Drysdale an unknown suspect attempted to pay for a $20 gift card with a counterfeit bill. Cashier noticed it was counterfeit and accepted the bill but did not complete the transaction. He notified the complainant, who “went after” the suspect in the parking lot and ended up in the Weigel’s parking lot off Campbell Station Road. Complainant alleged he did not lay hands on the suspect, but attempted to get her to return to the restaurant and talk with the police. Suspect became upset and would not return with the complainant. Counterfeit bill was turned over to KCSO and the Secret Service was notified.

• Dec. 23: KCSO officer Adam Brown was dispatched to Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike on report of a shoplifter. Kohl’s employee stated the arrestee entered the store and took several items of clothing and three New Balance shoes, for a total worth of $453, and exited the store without paying. Witness stated he had to chase arrestee for a short distance in the parking lot before apprehending her. Arrestee received a misdemeanor citation.

• Dec. 23: KCSO officer Clark Caswill responded to Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike on a shoplifting call. Suspect removed tags from approximately $223 worth of clothing and hid the clothing on her person, then left the store. Loss prevention personnel stopped suspect outside the store. Suspect was misdemeanor cited and released. Suspect’s juvenile daughter also was arrested for shoplifting and released. Family Crisis and DCS were notified.

• Dec. 25: A Butternut Lane man advised KCSO officer Angie Quinn an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle through an unlocked door and stole a wallet, with debit and credit cards and driver’s license.

• Dec. 25: KCSO officer Timothy Sellers was dispatched to Petro’s Truck Stop concerning vandalism to a fuel pump. Complainant stated an unknown suspect, driving a black Ford Escort, drove away from the fuel island and damaged the fuel hose.

• Dec. 26: KCSO officer Timothy Sellers was dispatched to Snappy Tomato Pizza off Kingston Pike on an alarm. Officers discovered unknown suspect(s) had used a rock to break the glass of the front door. Complainant stated nothing appeared to be missing from the business. He also stated he had video surveillance of the business, but he believed it did not video this incident.

• Dec. 26: A Greeley Lane man advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect entered both vehicles at his resident and stole a wallet, containing credit and gift cards. There was no forced entry to either vehicle.

• Dec. 26: KCSO officer Joe Sulewski was dispatched to Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike on report of a theft. Loss prevention personnel stated he caught the suspect attempting to leave the store with various pieces of underwear in her purse. Total value of the underwear was $90.50. Suspect made no attempt to pay for the merchandise. Suspect was issued a misdemeanor citation.

• Dec. 27: A Harbour Park Lane man advised KCSO officer Laura McElhaney he had gone to Wild Wing Café off Campbell Lakes Drive with friends, and when he had exited the restaurant, found an unknown suspect had stolen his vehicle. Complainant also stated when he entered Wild Wing Cafe, he took off his jacket, leaving his car keys in the pocket.

• Dec. 27: A Battlefront Trail woman advised KCSO officer Matthew Schlosshan her wallet, containing debit and credit cards, and four unendorsed checks worth $6,000, were stolen from her two vehicles, which were unlocked and parked in her garage. Complainant advised the garage doors were open. Complainant also stated unauthorized charges had been made to one of her credit cards.

• Dec. 29: KCSO officer were dispatched to a residence off Wood Road on a burglary call. Complainant stated she returned from work to find the front door of her residence was open. Officers observed the deadbolt lock had been broken. Victim could not identify any stolen items at the time of the investigation.

• Dec. 30: KCSO officer Dale Dantzler responded to an attempted robbery at the Walgreens pharmacy off Kingston Pike. Complainant advised an unknown suspect drove up to the drive-thru pharmacy and stuck a note inside the drop tray. Note advised employees to put Ocycontin and syringes in a bag, and they had 30 seconds to respond or the suspect would shoot. Suspect showed the clerk a black handgun. The clerk then shut the security door covering the window, and the suspect drove away without receiving any narcotics. A forensics officer recovered the suspect’s note.

• Dec. 31: An Econo Lodge employee advised KCSO officer Randall Crisp a known suspect entered the motel and pushed the victim to the rear of the office, advising her he had a gun. Suspect kept his right hand in his coat pocket, and victim stated she was in fear of her life. Suspect subsequently stole $461.70, and fled the scene in a yellow service cab. Knoxville Police Department officer Thomas Clinton stopped the cab and returned the suspect to the scene, where he was positively identified by the victim as the man who had robbed her. The cab driver advised he had picked the suspect up off Magnolia Avenue, and drove him first to the Roadway Inn off Ailor Avenue and then to the Econo Lodge. Econo Lodge had surveillance video of the incident.

• Dec. 31: An Eagle Point Drive woman advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect stole her necklace while she was in Belk department store off Parkside Drive.

• Dec. 31: A Fox landing Lane woman advised KCSO officer Matthew Schlosshan an unknown suspect burglarized her vehicle while it was parked outside Soho Nails off Parkside Drive. Suspect broke the front passenger window and stole a Vera Bradley purse and wallet, containing credit, debit and gift cards, as well as $200.

• Jan. 1: A Pilot employee advised KCSO officer Jason Acuff the business had received three counterfeit bills, two $5 bills and one $20 bill. Two unknown suspects, a black male and white female, had entered the business Dec. 31, and attempted to purchase a few items with the counterfeit bills. Employee advised the suspects were confronted about the bills, and that they then paid with other money and left the business. Counterfeit bills were collected by KCSO.

• Jan. 2: A Hines Valley Road woman advised KCSO officer Melissa Waters she accidentally left her wallet in the dressing room at Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike. When she returned for the wallet, she found it had been stolen. Victim stated she already had contacted her bank and canceled her card.


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