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• If the red-light cameras are catching self-identified law-breaking scofflaws like the man who called into presstalk last week, then I am all for them. The sooner these dangerous drivers change their behavior to avoid fines or travel far away from me and my family in Farragut, the safer we’ll all be.

• Did anyone else notice that Knoxville recently reported a decline in both T-bone and rear-end accidents every year since its red-light camera system was installed in 2005? What that tells me is, those that complain about Farragut cameras are more interested in their opportunities to continue to avoid the law than your safety and mine.

• The [automated enforcement] cameras at Concord Road and Kingston Pike: After stopping, you have to pull your vehicle nearly to the center of the outside lane of Kingston Pike to see if anyone is coming. This is due to all the poles on the left side of Concord Road. This makes you cross nearly all the white road lines. Move the poles so we can see, and take the cameras down. We want people to shop Farragut, and the cameras are hurting the Town. Many people grocery shopping are now going to Food City in Hardin Valley. This is a known fact: older people driving are going over there.

Editor’s Note: State law requires motorists to come to a full stop behind the “white line.” Following the stop, motorists are allowed to cross over to gain a better sight line. The Food City in Hardin Valley is the grocer’s closest location to Farragut since the food chain closed its Farragut store in late 2009. Kroger and Ingles superstores both operate within the town of Farragut. A red-light camera is planned for the Campbell Station Road at Parkside Drive/Grigsby Chapel Road intersection.

• Via e-mail: I get the biggest kick out of the name “calming islands.” Every time I drive down Grigsby Chapel Road I am enraged that our community leaders put these things in. As for the red-light cameras, it’s just a money maker, but where is the money going? I despise them, but if I knew every penny went to the Farragut schools I would feel a little better. My bottom line is ... our elected officials have made some horrible/stupid decisions in my town. I may run for office ... my platform: get rid of the calming islands, red-light cameras and only buy goods and services from Farragut merchants and businesses … I bet I’d win!!!! P.S. The pink dog groomer would also have to paint their building.

• Via I would like to share with the Farragut Community the letter I just wrote to Rush Limbaugh concerning his recent comments on our wonderful healthcare system. Dear Rush, I am hoping with all my heart that you are somehow able to read this message and that it doesn’t just get passed by the wayside. I would like to address your recent comments on the healthcare you received in Hawaii. I have to tell you I felt physically ill hearing your remarks that you see absolutely nothing wrong with the American healthcare system after your experience. Let me tell you exactly why. My husband and I are 34 years old and have two very small children. This past year my husband was diagnosed with a massive malignant brain tumor, which had to be surgically removed during an eight-hour awake brain surgery out of network. He is now on a chemo agent, which is the standard of care (remember that term) for treatment for his type of tumor. My husband has his Doctorate in Pharmacy, is a clinical hospital pharmacist, works for a huge hospital system and if it weren’t for the loving help of our amazing community, friends and family we would be unable to access his lifesaving medication because of what you call our wonderful healthcare system. Yet, he has to dole out the same medication to other people every day because they are considered “indigent.” The current message from hospitals and drug companies is don’t work, don’t get an education and you’ll get all the lifesaving medication you need for free. Just that one medication alone costs us over $10,000 per MONTH out of pocket because of our awful health insurance (provided by a hospital no less). I have spent up to eight hours a day, every day, for the past year searching for funds to cover this lifesaving medication for my husband, which his self-insured employer refuses to cover. Their reasoning: “Well, then we’d have to cover it for everyone, it’s not cost effective.” I’ve even been hung up on by the vice president for benefits. Funny that their motto is “treated well, well treated.” Yeah right!! Oh, and don’t even get me started about out of network costs even though the surgery couldn’t be performed in our network. So I ask you, Rush, try accessing our “wonderful” healthcare system when you don’t make millions-upon-millions of dollars a year, have two small children, a good education (for which we are still paying student loans) and have brain cancer and then you can tell me how great you think our current healthcare system works. Until then, stop running your mouth about things that you have no real life experience with and you don’t live in “real America” where normal people have to pay tons of money for crappy insurance. Use your powerful voice for some good for once instead of criticizing everyone else. Maybe donate to a nonprofit that helps “real Americans” or actually talk to people who actually have real life experience with our healthcare system. I don’t expect you to respond to this because you can’t be bothered with hearing about life outside your fantasy world and come face to face with real people.

Editor’s Note: Hawaii had the first universal healthcare program for children, but it was canceled after just seven months because of cost. People who already had private health insurance were canceling their plans so that they could get in on a taxpayer-funded plan.


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