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Committee elects officers, votes on action plan

Town of Farragut chartered School Relations Committee members elected officers and formed an action plan at its meeting Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Margaret Johns was elected chairman. Heather Marshall South-Doyle High School teacher and Farragut resident was elected vice chairman. Librarian and author Carol Littlejohn was elected secretary. All three were elected unanimously.

Those present for the January meeting were Johns, Marshall, Littlejohn, Carla Lyle, BB&T manager, and Shannon Warden, Farragut Intermediate School PTA president.

Johns came prepared to ignite discussion among the committee, first with distributing copies of a potential model for academic mentoring from an Indiana school and later presenting a PowerPoint proposal on developing a process for decision making.

Johns said, “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel if what we’re doing already works.”

The committee decided to use the proposed plan for determining current and future school programs’ effectiveness and future needs.

Johns asked Interim Town Administrator Gary Palmer if it is within the committee’s reach to take ideas to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Palmer said, “This committee is new and good. The Board will probably let the committee run with it.”

A general discussion of monetary school needs ensued,based on previously discussed needs at the October and November meetings with Farragut High School principal Mike Reynolds, Farragut Middle School principal Heather Karnes, Farragut Intermediate School principal Kay Wellons and Farragut Primary School principal Julia Craze.

Committee members offered to research in conjunction with Johns’ action plan.

Warden will review the already posted school needs on the committee’s Google groups Website; Palmer will look into playground needs; Lyle will research fund-raising restrictions and policies; Johns will research mentorship programs.

After the general discussion of needs, the committee came to the conclusion as a whole that an interim meeting was needed.

Time is running out before a proposed budget is given to BOMA, Johns said. The committee’s self-imposed deadline is late April or early May. The deadline for BOMA to approve the budget is June 1.

An interim meeting has been scheduled for 2 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 20.

The committee discussed changing its regular meeting time to allow Alderman John Williams the ability to attend. Some members could not attend an earlier or an evening meeting. Another concern given for keeping the current time was a fear the committee would see less school involvement.

The committee decided to keep the current time (the first Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m.), and allow a different Alderman to take Williams’ place. Palmer said it shouldn’t be a problem; sometimes a clashing work schedule happens.


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