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HVA fall semester rounded-up

The first semester of Hardin Valley’s second year being open adds more firsts to the list. We had a season to support our first Varsity Football team, and no matter who we played, there were plenty of people in the stands to cheer the players on.

This is the first year there are students in all four classes, whereas last year, there were no seniors. At least twenty new teachers and interns were hired, along with a new principal, to teach the new flow of students HVA now occupies.

All of this may seem like it would make the student body harder to manage, but it did just the opposite. Many of us grew even closer than last year, met new people, and truly understood why Hardin Valley Academy is such a great school to be at.

Kristin Pudelek, a freshman, enjoyed having a great teacher for her first semester at this school. “My best experience was my English class I really liked my teacher. She taught it in a way that was enjoyable and easy to learn, and it made me like English better.”

She also loved how easily she made new friends. “I liked that I was coming from such a small middle school, but was able to meet so many good new friends. It was great walking to class and always being able to say hi to a couple people on my way.”

Junior Joseph Garlington has had a great overall experience at Hardin Valley. “I like the people most because the teachers, students, and faculty all are intentionally making HVA a great school through their teaching, friendship, learning, leadership, and determination.” Joseph also added that he made “loads of great friends” and enjoyed his classes especially. “I had more good classes than bad, and the good ones outweigh the bad teachers and classes that are inevitable at every high school.

“What separates HVA from the other schools is those good classes with motivated teachers that make HVA exceptional because of their desire to educate students.”

These two students are just an example of how almost every single person feels about Hardin Valley Academy. It would have been hard to fit all of the great comments into one article! With this only being the second year, there will obviously be more wonderful things to come. As for next semester, it does not show that there is one person who is not looking forward to it.


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