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BOMA, Smoak agree on terms

It’s official.

Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the employment contract for prospective Town Administrator Dave Smoak, now an assistant administrator in Collierville.

Smoak, pictured right, will be paid at a starting salary of $105,000, which includes a $300 per month car allowance, the same allowance amount other department heads at Town Hall receive.

“It’s pretty standard,” Town attorney Tom Hale said of the contract.

Smoak’s first day will be Feb. 8.

The contract also states the Town will pay for Smoak’s moving expenses, and gives Smoak six months to find a residence within Town limits.

According to McGill, Smoak will move into an apartment outside Farragut limits at first, largely because his home in Collierville has not sold.

Alderman Jeff Elliott asked if that six-month time limit would place undue burden on Smoak and his family. McGill said Smoak had set the time.

“Before the six months is up, he plans to move into Farragut, whether it’s into an apartment or rental house or whatever the circumstance may be. … He wants to be here,” he said.

McGill said he also removed language from former Town Administrator Dan Olson’s contract requiring him to get an annual physical examination.

“I don’t see the necessity for that. I think when somebody has a physical problem, they’re going to have it diagnosed and we learn from that.

“We do retain the right to require the employee submits to an examination from time to time as the Board may think is warranted for work-related purposes,” McGill said.

Alderman Bob Markli asked about the contract’s allowance for “compensatory time.”

McGill explained it as allowing Smoak to take a few hours off for personal reasons here and there without reporting that time as vacation or sick time.

“He will just make that time up at another time when he normally would not be working,” McGill said.

“If it’s abused, we would have to do something,” he added.

Alderman Jeff Elliott moved to accept the contract; Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche seconded. The motion unanimously was approved with Alderman John Williams absent.

During his Mayor’s report, McGill stated he would be visiting Collierville next weekend at the invitation of that town’s mayor.

“We’re going to meet with the mayor and town administrator and hear how they have done some things and see some things,” he said, saying Collierville was “about 15 years ahead of us in terms of population growth.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” he added.

That weekend will be Smoak’s last in Collierville.

McGill also publicly thanked Interim Town Administrator Gary Palmer for his service.

“He has done a great job as an interim Town Administrator. I think we all realize that. He has performed the job capably and admirably under the circumstances and he’s done it without complaining,” McGill said.

“I’ll second that,” LaMarche said.

He moved the Town provide a monetary thanks to Palmer, in the form of a bonus of five percent of his monthly salary for every month he has served as interim.

LaMarche seconded that motion, which was unanimously approved.

“Thank you. I appreciate that,” Palmer said.


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