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• After reading the article on the Farragut Business Development Committee’s discussion about cultural diversity, I was speechless. If diversity is in the eye of the beholder, all they had to do is look around the room and see how little diversity there is on the committee and in the city. With this level of self-awareness, the committee will earn its own brand: clueless in Farragut.

• Presstalk, this is to the people in Waterford [subdivision] complaining about barking dogs. I don’t know if they know this or not, but there is [sic] coyotes, foxes, raccoons and ’possums that come out at night looking for food. They have been in my yard, and my dogs go crazy. I also was walking late one night on Concord Road and about 50 feet in front of me was a coyote. So the dogs aren’t barking just to be barking. So people with animals, watch out, because coyotes are in this area at night, and they will get your animals. And the dogs aren’t barking just to be barking. Anywhere there’s [sic] woods, there are wild animals, and the coyotes are very bad. They come out late at night. Thank you.

• Via e-mail: I just wanted to comment on something I witnessed yesterday. I was in a LOCAL business that recently opened in the new Kroger shopping center, while I was waiting I saw an employee from the town of Farragut come in. He spoke to the young lady at the counter and she informed him he would need to see the manager about what he was there for, she was not in at that time. He said: “OK, well please pass this information on to her” [and] also gave her a business card. Then he said: “I need for you to go out and cut down the balloons you have on your sidewalk sign.” I thought how ridiculous! They are recently opened and have not much roadside advertisement and they are told to cut down the two balloons they had tied to [their] small sign. Give them a break! Farragut is going to keep pushing until everybody in town closes up shop. I do not believe they are business friendly at all.

Editor’s Note: Town staff are employed to enforce ordinances created by leaders elected by voters living in the town of Farragut.

• Is Farragut diverse? You seem to argue in your article that diversity is only related to race. You give some race facts and you quote a couple of businessmen who state that because everyone is “white,” therefore there is no diversity. Farragut is very diverse. We have professionals, we have contractors, we have “line” workers; we have conservatives, we have moderates, we have liberals; we have Americans, we have French, we have Filipinos, we have Northerners; we have Italian food, Japanese food, Mexican food; we have so many different types of shopping from Kroger to Ingles to Fresh Market to Earth Fare. Martin Luther King Jr. asked that we be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. You and the committee seem to be judging us by the color of our skin.

• I would just like to say, whether you agree or disagree with the “calming” islands on Grigsby Chapel, I think most of us can at least agree that for the money spent on landscaping these islands, they should look a lot better than they do. There is nothing in these islands that [is] attractive. The placement of trees [is] not even laid out in a particular design. The island that is split with the crosswalk has a tree on one side, none on the other. I think you usually get what you pay for, but in this case I believe the Town got taken. For the amount spent, these islands should look a lot better then they do. The trees look like leftovers and the mulch is very CHEAP looking! The company that was hired does not even do landscaping all the time, they do hydro-seeding and do landscaping when they have no other work. Very poor choice of contractor on the Town’s part! Thanks!

Editor’s Note: Landscaping on the Grigsby Chapel Road islands is ongoing. More elements are scheduled to be installed in March.

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