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Farragut NJROTC on target with air rifle leadership
Inso leads unit, earns national tourney invite

Advised by friends to try three-position air rifle as a cadet with Navy Junior ROTC at Farragut High School, freshman David Inso gave it a shot in late summer 2006.

Three-and-half years later as an FHS senior, Cadet Lt. Inso is commander of NJROTC Air Rifle Team whose marksmanship has earned him a place in a national tournament.

But this 17-year old, whose ambition is to join the U.S. Army and apply medical skills to help those less fortunate in foreign lands, talked about life skills learned.

“Precision and consistency are two of the most important things that I have learned here on the air rifle team,” Inso said. “Also, there's the leadership opportunity, you get to teach others.

“It makes you used to teaching other people,” he added. “ ... [Air] rifle team was a really good starting point for all this, the whole leadership aspect. Because everybody listens to you if you're experienced.”

Among national competitions, the Civilian Marksmanship Program's Navy Junior ROTC Air Rifle National Championships from which Inso qualified is “the big one, that's a national event,” said Lt. Cmdr. Bob Cosby, Sr. Naval Science Instructor with FHS NJROTC.

Cosby also serves as Air Rifle team coach.

About Inso, Cosby said, “He's certainly my best shooter. Of course, my team, I'm proud of just for competing.”

Inso qualified in a national Postal Competition, which was “mailed” in December, where “they send us forms and targets and we shoot the targets here and we mail them off to the organization,” Cosby said.

The national event will be held in February in Ohio. “That is quite an honor. If anything, practice made it all possible, and focused improvement,” Inso said. “I didn't expect to place that high, it just happened.

“I never thought I'd be any good at this, at marksmanship,” Inso added about first giving air rifle team a try during the first semester of his freshman year. “I thought it would be a good way to centralize a skill, just to be good at something.

“As soon as I started, I found out there's technique to it. It wasn't based on natural skill. ... It's actually something you can study and just get better at by practice.”

A goal at nationals?

“As for right now I really don't have an expectation, because I haven't been to a competition like this yet,” Inso said. “I just want to make the Commander proud.”

Within Knox County NJROTC competitions, Inso said he's been “able to stay on top” by winning “several” events.

“That alone has been able to drive me,” Inso said.

As team commander, Inso said he spends two days per week with his team.

“One day is for experienced shooters, and another day is set aside for Junior Cadets who are just now learning,” he said. “I spend at least two or three hours after school” per week.

FHS NJROTC Air Rifle's so-called “Main team,” according to Cosby, is comprised of Inso, Cadet Seaman Amber Baumann, a senior; Cadet Petty Officer 1st Class John Strollo, a senior, and Cadet Ensign Daniel Bumbalough, a junior.

Air Rifle Beginner team members are Cadet Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaylin Rohde, a junior, plus three freshmen: Cadet Seaman Kyle Bumbalough, Cadet Seaman Apprentice Grant Coffey and Cadet Seaman Recruit Avery Kerley.

During local three-position air rifle competitions (standing, kneeling and prone positions), Farragut's team won the school year's first NJROTC Knox County Drill and Air Rifle Meet, held at West High School last September.

FHS also competed in Nashville at Montgomery Bell Academy Air Rifle Championships among a field including “the Eastern half of the United States” last October, Cosby said.

Prepared to enroll at The University of Tennessee with its Army ROTC program, Inso spoke about post-military plans.

“After 20 years in the military I will leave and use the skills I learned there, maybe in a less privileged country, maybe Africa or around that region. Use the medical training to help other people,” he said.


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