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HVA students raise money for Haiti relief

It would be hard to believe how there is one person that has not heard about the Haiti disaster. Although we all know about it, hear about it, and watch about it, some people have troubles or obstacles in helping the victims. Luckily at Hardin Valley Academy, three extraordinary seniors, Torie Dillon, Patti Donovan and Rachel Emerson, have stepped up and taken on this task.

The idea came to them during the first homeroom class after the disaster.

“My teacher was on a [Web-] site about Lane Kiffin leaving and I just thought to myself, ‘Why is everyone talking about him when people are dying in Haiti?’ Next thing I knew two other girls were agreeing with me,” said Emerson.

One of those girls was Torie Dillon. She felt connected to it for a good reason. One of her family friends was on the verge of adopting a girl from an orphanage that was destroyed the day of the earthquake. It will now take years for the adoption to go though, because all of the papers were lost. All of the proceeds collected will go straight to this orphanage.

At the end of the day, Emerson went to Mrs. Reynolds and got a fundraiser approved. Dillon took care of the display, and Emerson of the collection buckets.

“We really delegated the projects on who was doing what. We did it really fast. Patti stepped in and helped so much. It all pulled together and fell into place perfectly,” Emerson said.

Every day, there are students at all four lunch periods who collect money. People have been extremely receptive of the fundraiser. English teacher Meshon Crateau loves the enthusiasm these students bring to the table.

“I think it is fabulous that HVA kids are learning to give back not only to their community, but to their world,” said Crateau. “It takes special people to really make a difference.”

This project is very personal to Rachel, too. She has experienced what it is like to be in a third world country and knows it is not an easy thing to do.

“I have seen how poor they [third world countries] are. My heart just goes out to people without the basics. We take things for granted here … we can really do a lot if we look at the big picture,” she says.

The girls had a goal of $2,000 by the Jan. 26 deadline. With the help of other schools’ contributions, they have no doubts that they will reach their goal. Check back to this column next month to see how HVA did!


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