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• Girl Power soccer team would like to thank the people that bought tickets and the Texas Roadhouse for a wonderful fundraiser. It was a wonderful experience for the girls. Again, this is Girl Power soccer club. Thank you.

• When I voted to oust [former Mayor W. Edward] “Eddy” Ford [III] last spring, I thought the days of granting special favors to well-connected developers and businesses was over. First it was the flag issue for Mayor [Ralph] McGill’s buddy, Jack Moore. Now it’s the so-called “upscale” flea market for his pal, Jim Nixon. Like that crowd needs help to make money. Maybe it would be simpler if the Mayor made Jim Nixon an honorary citizen of Farragut and appointed him to the Planning Commission. What’s next? Getting in debt with Mike Ragsdale and his cronies? Don’t forget why we voted for you, Ralph. It was to end Eddy’s old boys’ club way of running Farragut and to get back to the reasons this Town was founded 30 years ago.

• I just drove home tonight, after dark in the rain. One more thing about the [Grigsby Chapel Road] calming islands: there is nothing calming about them when it’s dark and it’s raining. The only time that you’re calm is when you know you’ve passed the last one and you can breath a sigh of relief because you don’t have to worry about hitting them or trying to see them, because the reflectors are just not that good. There’s nothing calming about calming islands in the rain after dark.

• First of all, for all the people who are complaining about the red light cameras, it’s amazing to me that the people who are mostly complaining are the ones who are getting tickets. Have you ever considered that maybe, if you paid a little bit more attention to the road, a little more attention to the light, drove a little bit slower as you are approaching a light, you might not run the light, and therefore, you might not get a ticket. You have no one to blame but yourself. Take some responsibility. Grow up. And I really, truly wish we would get a red light camera at the intersection of Campbell Station [Road] to Village Green, where the school is. Every single morning, there are parents with children in their car who blatantly run the red light going down [Campbell Station] in both directions, or coming out of Village Green or going into Village Green. This is a dangerous, dangerous situation. These people obviously don’t care about their lives and their children or ours. And they apparently can’t quite figure out that if they could get out of bed 10 or 15 minutes earlier in the morning, they wouldn’t need to be running red lights. I don’t know. Maybe they’re just too lazy or stupid to figure this out. But the sooner we get a red light camera around each and every school, it’s going to protect our children, it’s going to protect our citizens and maybe it’s finally going to teach people a lesson that they will pay attention to because it’s hitting them in the place it’s really important to them: their wallets.

• First of all, I would like to say, I am horrified and saddened by the devastation, pain and suffering that has gone on in the country of Haiti since that earthquake. No human being should ever have to suffer that destruction, panic and loss of family, friends and life. On the other hand, I am choosing not to send a donation to help Haiti, the reason being we have thousands upon thousands of people in this country who, thanks to programs like NAFTA, thanks to the recession, have lost their jobs, have lost their homes, have lost their health insurance. They are living in dire situations. They are ill, they are hungry, they are scared. Food banks like Second Harvest and the Cokesbury United Methodist [Church] food bank are barely able to keep up when they can keep up. So if you’re going to send a donation to Haiti, please do so. But at the same time, I’m asking, send a donation to Second Harvest [Food] Bank, Cokesbury United Methodist Church harvest bank, or any of the harvest banks operated by local churches or organizations. Send a donation to the Humane Society for animal shelter, to take care of the animals of people who have lost their jobs in this God-awful economy [and] can no longer keep their pets. And also remember, a lot of the money our country, our government is sending to Haiti is being borrowed from China. All this money that we are trying to use to fund new programs and also fund things overseas to other countries who never bother to pay us back, much of this money is coming from China that we’re going to have to pay back at exorbitant interest rates.

• Via e-mail: In response to the Waterford dog-barking situation: I have been a Waterford resident for many years and can say with utmost certainty that the problem (and there is a problem) is, has been, and continues to be with the pet owners, and not the pets themselves. Dogs [that] are neglected day in and day out bark simply because it is all that they can do. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed one very sweet and friendly dog (a puppy) whose owner routinely leaves him outside day after day, night after night, regardless of the conditions outside, whether it be lightning, hail, thunderstorm, or below freezing temperatures. Recently, while the mercury hovered in the mere teens for days on end all we could do was watch with disdain and disbelief. And the day the rain poured down for more than 12 hours we watched him sitting in the downpour, without shelter or any show of concern from his owners, looking quite unhappy indeed. For this dog, and sadly, for others like him, he is left alone 24/7, not walked, exercised, petted or played with, ever. To all of you out there who are guilty of this lack of compassion for the animals you chose to take in and call your pets, you know who you are. And shame on you, indeed.

• Via e-mail: Are we starting this in Farragut now?? Diversity in the corporate world means you can act any way you please outside the cultural norm and be praised for it. These actions being legal, of course. Adopting diversity guidelines also means you are heading down the road of quotas and quotas are THE worst thing America has ever adopted. I do not care what color or gender someone is, if they are the MOST qualified candidate; they should get the job. End of diversity discussion!!! Do you watch pro or college sports?? NASCAR to the NBA to Neyland Stadium. ... I rest my case.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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