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• I’m commenting on the situation regarding the Waterford [resident] who has observed a puppy who is neglected routinely. I would hope the neighbor would think more about the animal that is suffering than the friendship of his neighbor, and would communicate with the neighbor about the animal’s neglect. That would be more important than letting the animal remain in this inclement weather at this time. That’s unconscionable.

• Concerning the number of banks in Farragut: there are absolutely too many banks. They are locating in Farragut because there’s no tax, no property tax on them. And some way, in fact they get no revenue from the banks in Farragut for their being a business. I think some way should be figured out for Farragut to tax the banks so there’s some revenue from them.

Editor’s Note: Farragut levies no Property Tax on businesses or residents. Property Tax is levied by Knox County on all commercial property in Farragut, including banks.

• I would like to comment about a letter that was in your paper, in response to a dog in the Waterford subdivision being mistreated, left out in the cold without shelter. I would like to advise the lady that is witnessing this to please call the animal shelter and turn these people in. Like I said, it is against the law to leave a dog out without shelter and she needs to do that. Thank you.

• In regard to the Waterford barking dog, and the dog that is left out 24/7: report them. They are supposed to at least have shelter, even if they are neglected, which seems very sick and saddening. But if you report them, they are supposed to have shelter for the dog. At least do that.

• I would like to say, my wife and I drove on a weekly basis to buy fresh produce off Broadway, the main street in Maryville. This Outlet Mall is an out-of-the-way place from Farragut and we are all for it. A flea market also would be OK. Many people we know drive many miles to flea markets. We know Mayor [Ralph] McGill, and feel he is backing the right thing. We wish it was there for many years past, and we would not have had to drive so far.

• In response to the lady writing about the Waterford puppy dog situation: yes, there is a problem with the pet owners, not the pets themselves. We live in the oldest neighborhood in Farragut, and there’s a poor little pet, a little dog that stays outside 24/7, just like this lady described, year in and year out, no matter what the weather, no matter how cold or wet, or how hot or anything that it is. Never played with, never petted. And it just has to stay there, outside, tied up, day in and day out, no shelter. I don’t even know if it has food and water. People have been bringing the dog food and water, because neighbors are very concerned about the dog. The owner knows this and won’t do anything about it. I think the pet owners, people like that who mistreat their pets with just cruelty, they don’t deserve pets. And this person needs to be tied up outside, stripped down naked, tied up outside just like that poor little dog is, and have to go through all the harsh weather conditions 24/7, 365 days a year. We need some kind of a law in Farragut that does not allow animals to be treated this way. We came from a different state 21 years ago, and in that state it was against the law to treat your animals like that. It should be against the law in Farragut for that too.

• If there is anything that would be a profit maker in Farragut, it would be a nice laundromat. The only ones around are in Lenoir City and the Cedar Bluff area. There are plenty of empty buildings in Farragut.

• The intersection of Campbell Station [Road], Parkside [Drive and] Grigsby Chapel Road needs a red light camera or a policeman directing traffic during school departure times around 2:30 each afternoon. On Wednesday, Jan. 7, I left the allergy/sinus center on Grigsby Chapel to go east on Parkside. I was the fourth car in line at this red light. Inconsiderate people illegally blocking traffic from the turning lane on Parkside going south on Campbell Station consistently blocked traffic going east on Parkside. It makes one quite angry and frustrated to be sitting there, watching the inconsiderate behavior of these people in their cars. The eastbound lane at this intersection cannot move. I would appreciate it if the town of Farragut would either contact the County Police, Sheriff’s Department, and have someone monitor this intersection. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Knox County Sheriff’s Office usually has someone directing traffic for Farragut Primary School.

• Via e-mail: In response to the reader who wrote in about the poor puppy, and other animals, left outside all day and night, through extreme cold weather, rainy weather, snowy weather and have very little contact with their owners. I agree with your comment that the owners are displaying a lack of compassion. These people should be brought up on animal cruelty charges and the only way that will happen is to contact the Humane Society so they can investigate and remove these poor animals from these terrible situations. I urge the person (and persons) who have observed the horrible treatment of this puppy to do more than just write farragutpress about it, but please contact the Humane Society and file a complaint. If you don’t then the continued mistreatment of this puppy, and others, will be on your heads, just as much as the heartless owners.

• Via e-mail: About the helpless pets — We agree that the problem is with the pet owners, not the pets. Leaving pets outside, alone, either tied up or not — with all kinds of weather conditions, with no love or care from the owners is very, very cruel. Those people don’t deserve to have a pet and should be treated like they treat their pets. Then see how they like it. Pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. They always give unconditional love, no matter what. Mistreating a helpless little animal is about the worst thing a person can do. If you are not going to take care of and love your pet, don’t get one. In some states, it is against the law to treat animals this way. It should be here, too. Please do the pets a favor and give them to a good loving home. Don’t let them suffer any more.

• Via This is a plea to the person that wrote in last week regarding the puppy in Waterford. Please, I beg you, please call the authorities regarding the welfare of this puppy. This dog is experiencing ABUSE and someone needs to step up and take a stand for this helpless creature. Do not sit back “in disdain and disbelief” but get on the phone and alert the ASPCA. More cold weather is coming and this animal needs someone to intercede. If you do not call for help, you are just as responsible as this puppy’s owner.

• Via e-mail: There are way too many banks in Farragut, we don’t need even half of what we have now.

• Via e-mail: Please could the people [who] feel the need to park in the street in (old Stage Hills subdivision) move your vehicles into your driveway? I understand if you are having a get together that you may need to park in the street, but many people do it daily, sometimes on both sides of the street, which only leaves a narrow path for other vehicles to get through. This is a dangerous situation, especially in the evening. Thank You!

• Via e-mail: To the lady that drives the maroon and gray Subaru outback station wagon through Old Stage Hills (like it is a race track), please slow down. You are a fellow homeowner in this subdivision yet you drive through with such disregard to the safety of our streets. Please SLOW down before you hurt one of the many children or other pedestrians or family pets that might happen to be in the road. Thank You!


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