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Turkey Creek final plat approved

Farragut’s Municipal Planning Commission approved the final plat of several Turkey Creek parcels at its meeting Thursday, Dec. 17.

Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said the final plat moved an interior property line, expanded a detention basin and created an access easement.

It also stated no variance for development would ever be granted to one currently empty lot.

Turkey Creek Land Partners representative Jim Nixon called that into question.

“Whatever may happen in the future should be judged then and not now,” he said.

“There is a procedure for that,” he added.

The lot, Hawk said, is very small and only just meets minimum requirements for setbacks.

The plat note preventing future variances was a “red flag” for future developers, she said, and had been a standard practice for past FMPCs.

“It seems to me [this] here is basically saying ‘OK, forget that; you’re never going to have that opportunity [for a variance],” Mayor Ralph McGill said.

“That is the intent,” Hawk said.

“They can develop the property with all of the Town’s requirements,” she added. In other words, the property could be developed without a variance.

But Nixon asked what would happen if something about the development changed, if a road or if LCUB power lines had to be moved, or if a developer wanted to build something that didn’t meet Farragut standards.

He would be stuck with a property that couldn’t be developed without a variance, which he couldn’t then ask for.

“It would be best if we didn’t raise a red flag for anyone coming in,” Nixon said.

“I want to have the flexibility to ask for [a variance]. If you don’t want to grant it at the time, don’t grant it.

“But today I can’t tell that there’s going to be one or not going to be one. … Nobody knows tonight, that’s why I don’t want it on the record,” he added.

Commissioner Ron Honken moved that the site plan be approved without the plat note banning any future variances. Ed St. Clair seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

FMPC next approved a site plan for a planned Hampton Inn & Suites, to be located off Campbell Lakes Drive near the intersection of Campbell Lakes and Lakesedge drives.

The hotel is planned to be four stories tall, with 104 rooms.

FMPC also approved a variance for the hotel, allowing the hotel drive to be 150 feet away from another driveway.

Farragut regulations require driveways to be 200 feet apart on collector streets, which Campbell Lakes is.

But Hawk said the driveway was placed at an “optimal spot” to get it further away from the Campbell Lakes and Lakesedge intersection.

Hawk commended the site plan for its interconnectedness, both for vehicles and pedestrians.

“They’ve done a great job with optimizing your options,” she said.

The hotel entrances and exits will connect to Campbell Lakes and to Stations West drives, as well as to adjacent shopping centers fronting Parkside Drive.


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