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BOMA approves anniversary banner

Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the design of special anniversary banners at its meeting Thursday, Jan. 14.

The banners, pictured right, will hang from utility poles at key intersections and will remain up all year, joining the seasonally rotating banners the Town currently displays.

The banners will be navy blue with white lettering, and will have the Town seal printed in gold. However, the Board had some disagreement on what the banners actually should say.

As presented to the Board by the Beautification Committee, the banners said, “Home of Admiral Farragut. Farragut, TN. Incorporated 1980.”

“The Beautification Committee had a split vote on whether the ‘incorporated’ should be spelled out or abbreviated, so they were asking you all to figure that out,” Parks and Leisure Services Director Sue Stuhl said.

Mayor Ralph McGill suggested an alternative: “established.”

“They talked about ‘established,’ but they felt it was more about businesses. There was a great, lengthy discussion about that,” Stuhl said.

Alderman Bob Markli recommended “born” and joked the sign could just say, “circa.” Alderman Jeff Elliott said the phrase could be “launched,” in keeping with the Navy theme.

Markli finally suggested “founded.”

“‘Founded’ sounds good,” McGill agreed, saying ‘founded’ might be more connotative of anniversaries than ‘incorporated.’ The banners will be displayed only in major anniversary years.

Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche disagreed: “Nobody just found us,” she said.

“We’ve always been here. We weren’t founded. I think we became incorporated,” she said.

“Founded, not found,” McGill said.

“‘Incorporated’ is a pretty technical term. It’s very accurate, but I think ‘founded’ is warmer and more general and perhaps more appropriate of what it actually represents,” Markli said.

“Towns and nations are founded; families are founded, I think. Companies are incorporated. It’s a technical term,” he added.

McGill moved to approve the banners while substituting ‘founded’ for ‘incorporated.’ Markli seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved with Alderman John Williams absent.

“They look good. They’re going to look better with ‘founded,’” McGill said, commending Stuhl and the Beautification Committee.

The Board voted to order 70 banners at a price of $4,560. Delivery time is estimated to be about three weeks, Stuhl said.


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