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ē Iím a resident of the Waterford subdivision and Iím calling about the little puppy that is left out 24/7. Anyone who knows about this but fails to report it is just as guilty as the people who own the puppy. Last Thursday and Friday, during that cold rain, I thought of the puppy. Please, anyone who knows where the puppy lives, report this to the humane society. I donít know where the puppy lives. If I did, Iíd definitely report it. Animals are helpless and totally dependent on us. It is our responsibility to take care of them since they cannot take care of themselves. Please, someone, help this little puppy.

ē Iím calling in regard to the dog left outside 24/7: I think we need to disregard the feelings of the people and go ahead and take action. This puppy, after this cold weather, may not have much time left. We need to take care of business and if your heart is feeling sad over this situation, youíre probably correct in taking action. Please call animal cruelty and let them help this innocent puppy.

ē I have just read the Feb. 4 edition of presstalk, and it appears that with all the problems in the country, the most important problems in Farragut are too many banks and a dog living outside. Is this a great town or what?

ē There is no way I want my tax money to be spent on building an inferior road that a developer has put in, in what is it, the [Farm at] Willow Creek area. That was his responsibility to have the land checked out, scientifically, technologically, and he should have done that. And heís causing drainage problems for people, road problems, terrific property loss. Those people should get their money back on their lots if they havenít built. Itís a very bad deal, and itís the developerís responsibility. Thatís why they make money on good ones.

ē Just wanted to say thank you so much to the Farragut [High School] baseball team for taking time on Wednesday mornings to open doors for the little kids at the Farragut Primary School. It was such a pleasure to see those nice, clean-cut, young men opening the doors for the parents driving by. And I just think itís a wonderful service youíre providing, and I know the little kids love seeing those great, big boys out there opening doors. Thank you so much.

ē I received my farragutpress today, and Iím very upset about the many letters in there about the abused dog. Can you tell me if itís been reported so many times that theyíve done anything about it, or if thereís going to be anything done about it that youíre aware of? Ö I appreciate it very much. Iím real concerned about this animal, since Iím an animal lover. Thank you very much.

ē Iíd like to thank the caller who said we should take care of our own people here in the [United States] first, rather than the Haitians. Yes, weíre all sympathetic to their situation and of course, we should help with rescuing them from the rubble, medical attention, food and water. But as far as rebuilding for them? No, thatís not necessary. We, the people of these United States, need to take care of our own poor and homeless first. Time and time again, you see where people are going here and there and elsewhere around the world to take care of others, to take food to others, and yes, thatís the right thing to do, the human thing to do. But charity starts at home first. And we need to take care of our homeless, people sleeping on the streets, people without food and shelter here in the United States. So thank you, caller, for bringing that up, and I hope others will understand and appreciate your view.

ē I am calling to alert the community, or complain to someone about these red light cameras that have been put up. They are causing numerous problems. The caution lights donít even last long enough, hardly, for you to get under them. Iím now afraid, because Iíve got two red light tickets, to actually go through a green light, for fear it will turn to caution because it turns to red so quickly. We need to gather together and complain by calling Farragut Town Square and asking for the person in charge of the red lights. We need to call our congressmen, our senators, whomever, and request these red light cameras be taken down because they are not doing any good, except making money for this County and for the town of Farragut. We are getting tickets we should not be getting.

Editorís Note: The duration of the caution light at red-light camera intersections is four seconds. As previously reported in farragutpress, no citation is issued to vehicles that enter intersections while the light is green or yellow, or to vehicles in the intersection when the light turns red. Citations are only issued to vehicles that enter the intersections after the light is red or that do not come to a full stop before turning right on red. The City of Knoxville has reported a reduction in rear-end and T-bone accidents at intersection monitored by red-light cameras.

ē Via e-mail: Wow, French les-


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