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Unknown suspects burglarize Town Hall

Farragut Town Hall was burglarized during the night of Feb. 9, Knox County Sheriff’s Office records state, and unknown suspects made off with $122 and one master key to the building.

Janet Curry, human resources director, told KCSO officer Bill McKee an unknown suspect, or suspects, burglarized the administrative offices, Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Knox County Clerk’s Office.

A set of master keys was stolen from the main office; they were used to enter other offices in the building.

An office cabinet in the administrative offices was damaged. In the Clerk’s office, the suspect(s) appeared to have pried open a storage room door, but nothing was missing.

All but one of the keys was recovered, lying on the mulch outside the window the suspect(s) apparently used as an entrance point.

But Town Administrator David Smoak said the Town already had taken steps to amp-up security after the keys went missing.

“We’ve taken security measures to make sure the building is secure, so there’s no problem with that. We’re looking internally at everything we need to change here to make sure the building is secure.

“We’ve already taken care of a good portion of that,” he added.

No other damages or missing items were reported, and Smoak said he was unaware of anything turning up missing since the time of the report.

Smoak said he didn’t want to reveal too much about Town Hall’s security system, but said the burglars did trip an alarm that summoned Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

“There is an alarm, and it was tripped and there were officers that came to the scene,” he said of the burglary, which occurred during his first week of work at Town Hall.

Officers initially could not determine how the suspect(s) entered the building, but Town staff later discovered the suspects dislodged a windowpane in an office on the ground floor and entered the building.

KCSO spokesperson Martha Dooley said she could not reveal details about forensics information gathered for an ongoing investigation.

“I think, overall, we just have to try to leave it to the police department to try to do the best they can and the detectives came out, and they did their investigation,” Smoak said.

“I’m sure they’ll try to figure out who did break in, but it’s kind of out of our hands now,” he added.


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