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Town 30-year celebration picnic plans progress

Farragut’s 30th anniversary committee discussed details of its picnic planned for Oct. 10, after canceling a planned walk-through of the picnic site due to cold and snowy weather at its meeting Wednesday, Feb. 10.

“[Farragutpress lawn] makes a great festival area,” committee chair Pat Sloan said.

The group decided to send out press releases and letters to Farragut restaurants, food vendors and crafters to participate in the picnic.

“Then, after a certain date, we’ll open it up [to anyone],” Stuhl said.

The group discussed at length the pros and cons of requiring booth fees for the planned four-hour event.

“Booth fees for that short a time, for an event that is not ongoing, your fee is going to be minimal anyway,” Sloan said.

But, “if they’re not having to pay, you may have some no-shows,” she added.

The committee eventually decided to charge a $10 booth fee for craft and food vendors. The fees will be due from food vendors when they turn in their applications. The fees will be due from crafters after they are approved.

“We kept it very low on purpose because we want [vendors] to be a part of it, but we want people to show up,” Stuhl, Parks and Leisure Services director, said of the fee.

The Town will not provide anything to vendors besides electricity and water, she added. Vendors would be responsible for supplying their own tents, tables and such.

The Town also will not provide tables for visitors to the picnic.

“We’ll tell people, bring your chairs,” Stuhl said.

Committee member Carolyn Coker agreed, saying she had imagined the event to be a family picnic, where families simply sat on blankets or brought chairs.

“We don’t want anything too complicated, but something people will remember,” she added.

The group also outlined vendor and booth areas on an aerial photograph of the picnic site, property belonging to Fox Den resident and farragutpress owner Doug Horne.

Food vendors could be set up along the curb near Ingles Market, with bands playing on the farragutpress front porch and open space at the front of the building.

Crafters could be set up in rows, and inflatables for children set up in the field closer to Click Funeral Home.

“They take space, but we’ve got lots of space,” Sloan said.

Inflatables could include dual slides, an obstacle course and a climbing or Velcro wall. The group decided not to rent a bouncy house because it required stricter surveillance.

“Whatever we do, we want it like [Freaky Friday] Fright Nite: to move quickly; no long lines,” Stuhl said.

Face painting or game booths could be manned by volunteers with civic groups, sports teams and scout troops.

The picnic is planned for 1 to 5 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 10.


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