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BHS ‘Magic’ isn’t what it seems

“Magic” isn’t what it seems for Bearden High School’s new Magic: The Gathering Club, established this spring semester by BHS senior Zack Harlow.

One might think Magic involves a magician with a top hat, bunny rabbit and a black stick with a white-tip, but Magic: The Gathering is similar to a computer game morphed into a card game.

The game is played strategically such as chess. A high degree of skills in areas such as logic, strategy and mathematics are needed to play the card game.

While explaining the card game to new Magic player, Kara Wakefield, Zach said, “Everybody likes vigilance.”

“I like Magic and I wanted to have a place for everyone to socialize,” Zach said. “Some people consider Magic nerdy” and because of that, it makes it difficult to connect Magic players in school.

Karlie Herbst, a guest of Zach’s and a 2008 Farragut High School graduate said, “It’s because [of the camaraderie] of Magic that I can hug now.” Karlie moved to the Knoxville area two years ago and “didn’t know anyone.” It wasn’t until a similar club was formed at FHS that Karlie was able to get out of her box, she said.

“Magic is everywhere. You can find it if you look for it,” Karlie added.

Magic is an underground hobby that many students play, William “Big Will” Brakebill said.

Magic Club offers to teach new members and allow current Magic players the venue to practice the game.

Each player begins with 20 “life points” (as Magic-players call it). Throughout the game, players lose and have the chance to gain life points back. The first person to lose all 20 points loses the game; each game typically lasts about 30 minutes or less.

“Life can be gained back by summoning other cards,” Zach said. A few of the cards that could bring back or destroy an opponent’s life points are Glassdust Hulk, Vectis Agent, Artifact Creature, Offering Asha and Darklit Gargoyle.

There are cards that work similar to money; they’re used or “tapped” for bartering with other cards in order to allow one of the above listed cards the ability to be active. The “money” cards are plains, mountains, islands, swamps and forests.

“Land is money that regenerates at each turn,” BHS senior Eric “Sally” Thompson said.

The Club is sponsored by fellow Magic player and band teacher James Wilson; the Club meets weekly.

Magic was started in 1993 by a math professor, Richard Garfield.


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