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• Hey. One more thing about those red lights in Farragut: there hasn’t been any revelation about how many accidents have occurred since the red lights have been in use versus how many accidents occurred prior to red lights for the same time period. The purpose of the red-light cameras is to reduce accidents, and it seems like the media hype seems to be only regarding the money.

• Regarding the dogs barking in Waterford: you know, those dogs have a right to the First Amendment. Let ’em bark.

• What does one have to do to get a response from a School Board member? I left a detailed message with name and numbers. No response. My question is, how can we get Farragut’s neighborhood high school children back into Farragut High School? Hardin Valley Academy is overcrowded, and has been since they had all four grades. Farragut High School is not overcrowded, and they will again be losing staff while Hardin Valley will add more staff and remain overcrowded. Anyone see a solution? Move our students back to where they belong. Now, if we can just get the School Board to get on board.

• I’m calling in response to the person who was so ticked off about people calling in worried about animals being mistreated and left outside in this cold. Yes, I agree with you: there are a lot of people living outside, human beings. However, they have the ability to be able to go to a homeless shelter, pick up the phone [and] call a friend or family member for help. Animals are completely dependent on their owners. Animals that are tied up in a yard all day or left behind a fence all day, especially in extreme conditions, do not live as long as animals that are properly and responsibly taken care of. And I have to admit, I agree with those who called in that, if you see a problem in your neighborhood, do something about it. Call your neighbor; have a little sit down with them, and let them know in a nice and polite manner about the concerns about their pet. Try that first; you’d be surprised at what might happen. If it doesn’t work, if they get nasty, then you walk away and you call Animal Control, call the Humane Society. You start a paper trail. But don’t call and e-mail your neighbors about it if you’re not willing to take responsibility. That’s the problem with our nation today. We want everyone else to fix our problems. We don’t have the guts or integrity to stand up and do what needs to be done until it’s too late. Perfect example: the shooting at Inskip [Elementary]. If his brother, if his wife, if his former supervisor had pressed charges, if they had kept orders of protection current, if the supervisor had returned police’s phone calls after they were investigating an anonymous phone call, this would not have happened. And yet of course they’re blaming everyone but themselves.

• We wanted to thank the person for telling us where the Laundromat was in Farragut. Now we won’t have to drive to Cedar Bluff or Lenoir City. We appreciate this very much. We have [driven] around in Farragut and saw so many empty buildings; I don’t guess we looked in the right spot. Everything is empty now, and a lot of this has been because of the red-light cameras, where people are just afraid to go through them or come to a stop, a rolling stop as they say. You can see two-tenths of a mile one way and another way, three-tenths of a mile. There’s no cars coming. I don’t see why those tickets are being passed out when people come to a rolling stop as it’s so called. We know S-T-O-P means “stop,” but a rolling stop when you can see so far is ridiculous.

• In your Feb. 18, 2010 issue, the caller who gave the French language lesson was only about half right in this week’s presstalk. He says “puce” is French for “flea” and “Marche au Puce” the French “flea market” is “how you say it.” They are both wrong. The editor’s note is correct. Historians report the term “flea market” originated because clothing at the markets, high end or low end, was infested with fleas. And the fleas had to come from the dog that has been barking so long, and without food, over in [Waterford] subdivision. They were sleeping on these clothes. Thank you. Everybody, now, let’s get a life.

• It’s a disgrace [that] our federal government is trying to sell GMC cars [and] lying about a very popular foreign car. The GMC cars I have owned in the past left my carport and garage with oil and grease drippings everywhere, with the braces to hold the doors, even. I purchased three or four of these foreign cars and have never seen a drop of oil or grease leak. What’s happening [is] everyone is finding out how good they are and over 60 percent of the people are buying them. The reason they don’t want to have to go to the garage once or twice a week. Lie on, government motor company, and try to sell your junk. This will not change my mind.

• People need to quit complaining about the dog that’s left outside. Dogs have stayed outside for years: back in the country and everything, people don’t put their dogs up in the wintertime. Get a life and quit complaining.

• In regards to the person who said, talking about the puppy, and a lot of people downtown, people with children, live outside just like the puppy. Well, people can get a job. I suggest you go downtown and work, and see how many people come in there. You volunteer to work, they’ll come in there and they’ll stick their kid with you so they can go out to the store, buy a pack of cigarettes and come back and smoke outside, while you manage their kid. I don’t have pity for those people at all. There’s plenty of jobs out there. I think McDonald’s is probably hiring every day; so is Wal-Mart. If you’re too good to push a broom, you don’t need my pity. As far as the dog goes, the dog can’t get a job. [Inaudible] I mean, get real. You’re comparing a dog to a human? I mean, yeah, if people are this concerned about the dog, I suggest someone just go by and get it. Just pick it up. He can disappear as quick as that and go to a home where people care about it. But as far as comparing it to homeless people downtown, I suggest you go downtown and work and volunteer at any shelters where these people leave their kids to go outside to smoke and drink, and then you can complain.

• I’m calling to make a comment about the U.S. Cellular billboard I noticed today in Farragut that is completely in Spanish, with no English translation noted anywhere. I just find it a bit disturbing that there are billboards allowed to be posted without any translations. Not everyone speaks Spanish. Not everyone is interested in speaking that language. Maybe there are other languages that we do speak, but we are an English nation, and I think that at least translations should be posted on the billboard.

• I’m calling in the hope someone can tell me why all of these white birds are circling the waters along Turkey Creek Road, where Anchor Park is located. I don’t remember these birds being in the area during past winter months, and it seems as though the number is increasing. Does anyone know why they’re here, other than migrating? And is there a health hazard, as birds often carry disease? Thank you.

• Via e-mail: I’m proud of the way Judge Martin conducted the Feb. 17 special session of the town of Farragut Municipal Court for appeals to red-light violations. The evidence was from cameras installed at intersections in Farragut. All of the docketed cases I observed stemmed from failure to come to a full and complete stop before turning right. I walk in Farragut and cross streets and can assure the citizens of Farragut that enhanced enforcement was and is needed.

• Via In reference to the letter in presstalk dated Feb. 18, can you confirm or can someone in the Town confirm that Lowe’s really was turned down in locating a store in the old Kroger location because they have an outdoor garden area? If so, this is just incredibly short-sighted, anti business and just plain stupid.

Editor’s Note: The location of the old Kroger store is still under lease to Kroger Company and does not belong to the Town. An attempt to change the footprint of the existing building would have to come before the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, which it has not. It also has been rumored Macy’s and Costco had interest in the property.

• Via Everyone in Farragut needs to get over the fact that they are going to have to follow the LAW (if they don’t want a ticket that is). Stay put behind that line if it’s not green and come to a complete stop if you want to turn. IT IS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. If you do a rolling stop, speed, or race through a red light, the camera will take your picture and you will be ticketed, just as if a cop saw you do it-plain and simple! Would you blame accidents on a cop if he were sitting at the corner all day and night? NO! So why blame a camera when it is in no way distracting your ability to drive or to stop? The cameras allow us to know the exact number of accidents that have occured in that area. But in an area without a camera, how would anyone know the exact number? And just how many accidents go unreported? Because these answers wouldn’t be accurate, neither would those percentages. The statistics in that report were used incorrectly and biasly. People need to take responsibility for their actions. No patience, lack of attention, and distractions, from phones to food, cause accidents that could have been easily avoided. If you are so concerned about the government getting free money, then quit giving them reasons to ticket you. As for the traffic at Campbell


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