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SERC plans paper drive

Town of Farragut’s School Education Relations Committee members plowed through delegating tasks for upcoming fundraisers and paper-drives at its interim meeting Wednesday, Feb. 17, at Town Hall.

SERC members are focusing on aiding school needs brought to the committee by area principals.

In order to meet the needs, members are shifting their focus to area business owners, PTA presidents, Knox County Schools officials and local senior citizens.

Committee member Carla Lyle sought chair Margaret Johns’ help to contact Scott Bacon with Knox County Schools.

Bacon told Johns he would be open to helping with a paper drive as much as possible from his end and he thought a paper drive was “a good idea,” Johns said.

Associate Town Administrator Gary Palmer said, “Paper can be collected here [at Town Hall].”

Heather Marshall volunteered to call local businesses to hear what they are willing to contribute, as this will “drive business” to their stores.

The committee isn’t seeking monetary support for a supply fundraiser or paper drive. They are seeking an area business or businesses that will give a discounted rate for paper to those donating it to Farragut-area schools, creating an incentive for the business and those donating.

The committee hopes PTA members will be involved in the paper drive as well. Johns will contact PTA presidents and learn what they are able to contribute for paper and other supply-geared drives.

Lyle said she sees this group working in three phases, “First, inventory. Second, volunteer programs and third, major monetary needs.”

Committee member and secretary Carol Littlejohn said, “I feel like we’re moving [as a committee].”

Johns agreed.

In other matters, Johns shared a volunteer program, FLIP, that is designed especially for seniors and currently is used by a school district in Franklin.

Johns said Franklin is one of the communities in Tennessee often compared to Farragut.

In a previous meeting, the committee had tried to find a pre-existing Web site to connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities.

Though committee member Shannon Warden was absent to prepare for Farragut Intermediate School Family Fun Nite, which had a goal of raising at least $20,000 for FIS, Warden had posted a link to on SERC’s Google groups Web site.

Johns said, “In terms of technical capability, it has everything we need. They are the biggest volunteer portal online.” is associated with Target Corporation, a company that regularly donates funds to public schools, Johns said.

Warden has scheduled Knox County Council PTA President Pam Trainor to speak at SERC’s March meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m., Wednesday, March 3, at Town Hall.


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