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Chamber plans brown bag lunch

For the first time since the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce initiated them, a Brown Bag Lunch series sold out and had to be moved to a larger venue.

Steve Herzog, owner of Sandler Training, Herzog & Associates in Knoxville, is the event’s speaker, Wednesday, March 10.

His topic will be “Creating demand for your product and services: your future depends on it.”

“The biggest problem I see from business to business and in retail sale right now is generating more top-line revenue growth,” Herzog said.

“People seem to be stuck on how to generate new revenue versus simply filling demand, as they have mostly done in the past better economy,” he added.

The Brown Bag lunch will outline activities, thought processes and skills business owners can implement to help generate more revenue for their businesses.

That could include skills from marketing, prospecting, behavioral and activity standpoints, Herzog said.

“What I’m going to try to get them to think about is, rather than just spending marketing money … to enact certain activities that they can personally do,” Herzog said.

Herzog used a fictional carpet store as an example: when there are no customers in the store, give employees an activity to do during downtime that could “directly increase revenue growth.”

“We’ve got the economy that’s been dealt to us and we’ve had it now, I guess, going on three years,” Herzog said.

“So in the last several years, businesses who used to wait for the phone to ring, or rely on the phone to ring and orders to come in, are now finding out they really need to do something different: go out and get business and create demand, rather than just fulfilling demand,” he added.

The Brown Bag Lunch is set for 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday, March 10, at Tusculum College.

For more information about the Brown Bag series or about Wednesday’s luncheon, call the Chamber at 865-675-7057.


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