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Farragut, Hardin Valley schools anticipate teacher adjustments

Knox County Schools has proposed cuts for West Knox County area schools; Hardin Valley Academy could gain 16 positions.

HVA could gain 13 classroom teachers, along with a guidance position, assistant principal and clerical position.

However, this isn’t definite.

“This is a proposal,” Indya Kincannon, Knox County Board of Education chair, said. “We do have a $19 million budget gap … and 85 percent of our cost is staffing.”

Farragut is losing teachers greatly because “We relieved a lot its overcrowding with Hardin Valley [Academy],” Kincannon said.

“The board is committed to balancing the budget with the smallest amount of impact in classrooms,” Kincannon added.

Farragut High School may lose five classroom teachers.

Individually, Farragut Primary and Intermediate schools could lose 2.2 teachers. Meaning, two classroom teachers could be lost and two weekly hours of related arts classes such as special education or music.

FPS principal Julia Craze said her biggest concern is losing classroom teachers.

“It’s always nicer to have a smaller pupil to teacher ratio,” Craze said.

FIS, however, will be gaining a fourth- or fifth-grade teacher, and losing three third-grade teachers.

Last year, FPS lost three teachers. However, it was understandable because its largest second-grade class in its history moved to FIS. Due to its increase in students, FIS gained teachers, Craze said.

Cedar Bluff Middle School could lose one classroom teacher.

Cedar Bluff Elementary School could gain two teachers and eight one-hour classes a week.

Hardin Valley Elementary School may gain one classroom teacher.

Farragut Middle School isn’t expected to gain or lose a classroom teacher or teaching hours.

A.L. Lotts Elementary School could lose one classroom teacher.

Bearden High School could lose three classroom teachers.

The Board will discuss the proposed budget at its meeting, Thursday, March 18.


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