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• I just wanted to say a big “thank you” to the blonde lady with the black convertible PT Cruiser at Ingles Gas this morning, March 8, at about 7:30. The entire time she’s filling her gas tank, she’s running her mouth on her cell phone. Now, anyone who has any modicum of sense knows that you’re supposed to turn off your cell phone and put it away when you are pumping gas because of the possibility of dissipating static electricity. Gas [plus] static sparks equals boom, for those of you who aren’t the brightest bulbs. It’s also on the sides of the gas tank. It’s right there with “Do not smoke.” Yet we seem to have an abundance of people who think the laws don’t apply to them. Look at the red-light cameras situation. All these people went to the town of Farragut to contest their tickets, and yet there it was, in black and white, they ran the red lights, blatantly and probably on purpose. And yet they still wanted to whine and complain. To Miss Blonde PT Cruiser chick, if at any time, you are using your cell phone, lighting a cigarette or whatever, and it should cause a spark and something should go up in flames and people are maimed or killed or there’s property damage, you are criminally liable. Yes. Criminally liable. At the least, voluntary manslaughter, [inaudible] depraved indifference and malicious mischief. This means you go to prison. This is not ankle bracelet time, lady, this is prison. So come on people; try using some common sense for a change. Yellow does not mean hurry up and go, it means slow down and caution. Turn off your cell phone and put your blasted cigarettes away when you’re pumping gas. I don’t particularly want to die because of you, and I’m assuming you feel the same way, that you don’t want to — …

• Congratulations to Bearden High School boys basketball team for an awesome postseason. Good job. Too bad about the Farragut boys: again and again and again, yet. Way to go, Bulldogs. It’s like you prepared for this all season. Great job.

• I’d like to respond or add comment to the person who was discussing the traffic cop over at the Farragut schools. I don’t know anything about him making gestures or anything, eye rolling, but I would agree, or I would add, that he is absolutely the worst traffic cop that I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, I think other parents feel the same way. He literally makes traffic come to a halt. The four-way stop actually works very well by itself until he shows up. I purposely leave 15 minutes early so I can avoid the traffic cop, and as soon as he gets there, I know it’s going to cost me an extra 20 minutes. I try to have my kids take the bus as much as possible; however, sometimes I just can’t avoid it. I wish they’d either replace him or teach him or do anything, because he is terrible. He must be rolling his eyes because everyone is probably gesturing at him on the way by in regards to his incompetence. Probably a very nice man; terrible traffic cop.

• Could someone advise on who pays for the legion of sheriffs that stand outside and direct traffic every Sunday at 12 o’clock at the Concord Baptist Church in Farragut? Thanks.

Editor’s Note: At last report, the police officers at most church exits on Sundays are paid for by the host church, not taxpayers.

• FUD, we see, is raising [its] rates on water and wastewater by 8 percent. They state their price is lower than KUB or LCUB. This is based on 7,000 gallons of water. What was not taken into consideration? You can drink KUB or LUCB [sic] water; now let’s look at the water of FUD. That’s about impossible to drink. We have two filters where it does not help very much the taste and rings around the glasses of the water that sat all night, looking about like the bottom of a boat that has sat in Fort Loudoun Lake overnight. We should count the cost of drinking water that people have to buy for something decent to drink. After this has been purchased for a family of four, the cost of FUD water is much higher. This is based on a month of good drinking water. Count it up. With the new drive-by meters, look at the savings they have on payroll with less employees, less expense, [inaudible] water breaks and line improvements. Less expense on FUD. FUD should lower the price of water. How ’bout this? Give us something you can drink for your price increase and wash clothes in without smelling.

• Yeah, I was just calling in on them ticket cameras in the paper where you said that money was going into the general fund. My question is this: what is the Town going to do with that extra money? If you could ask them that, I’d appreciate it.

• Hi, I’m calling concerning one of Farragut’s many rules that have to do with signs in the Farragut area. I’m trying to sell my home and have had several signs, “For Sale By Owner” signs, taken up, that were professional signs. I’m totally in disagreement that Farragut has the right to confiscate my signs, and it becomes prohibitive for a seller who might be doing a “for sale by owner” or even using a real estate agent, to be able to market the house and move people into Farragut, which I’m sure the county of Farragut or the city of Farragut would want people moving in here. It prohibits the sale of homes inside this city, which would bring more business to the city. And it’s just ridiculous that you have to put them out on Friday and pick them up Monday, Friday after five and Monday before the confiscators get up and steal your signs. I think it’s ridiculous and something should be changed. Let us know what we need to do to change this law.

Editor’s Note: A start would be to appear before the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

• I’m calling in regards to comments made about barking dogs in Waterford subdivision. Waterford subdivision is probably one of the best, if not the best subdivision to live in, in the Farragut area due to location, easy access to anything in Farragut, and the dedication of our homeownership and the president of our homeownership [sic] association to try to improve our area on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Waterford is a great place to live. The person who made the comment probably doesn’t have an animal; doesn’t have a dog. Take the time to go do something good: rescue an animal, adopt one, care for it, nurture it, take it on long walks. You might meet somebody out on a walk and you may become friends, which is how I met most of the people I’ve become friends with in this subdivision as we walk around our loop. We have plenty of animals that are super nice; my dog gets along with every animal in the subdivision, and I’ve made lasting friendships just by taking the opportunity to get some exercise for myself, for my dog. And I enjoy living in this area and hope to be here the rest of my life. Get over it. Rescue an animal. Do something good instead of complaining.

• Well, I see that the wonderful Town government of ours has bought another set of their pretty banners, but guess what? It looks like somebody underestimated how many banners they’d need to fill up their signs. Or maybe they just ran short of money. What to do? Hey, I have an idea: maybe they could put up some more of those handy-dandy moneymaker cameras of theirs. They could even put one on my street. There’s a high school kid who runs the stop sign all the time. He’d be good for at least, um, 50 bucks a week. If they save up, they could surely buy a few extra banners in just a few months.

• Via First we had calming islands then red-light cameras — all in the name of safety! Now the Town wants to spend more money on keeping us “safe!” The town of Farragut along with a few Hickory Woods residents are considering installation of speed bumps in the subdivision. The town of Farragut is willing to spend $12,000 (per town engineer) on speed bumps that are only wanted by a few neighbors. The Town calls them “speed cushions.” I call it a ridiculous waste of Town’s money. Watch out Farragut your neighborhood may be next!

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut cannot install “speed bumps” on subdivision streets unless the residents of the subdivision requested the Town take over maintenance of the streets and those streets were turned over to the Town.

• Via e-mail: In regards to the comment about the “male traffic cop who directs traffic at the four-way stop at Farragut schools,” I agree that his attitude is less than professional, and I also agree that we don’t need two deputies there to direct traffic. But today, when I picked up my child at the middle school, there were THREE deputies there. So here’s an idea: How about taking one or two of the extra deputies up into the parking lot to issue citations to those drivers who can’t seem to figure out how to drive in a parking lot? While waiting for my child, I witnessed at least five or six vehicles passing through the parking lot of the school well above a speed that is safe. The same problem exists at the high school. Folks, there are children walking to their parents’ cars, not always paying attention to traffic. Please slow down, at the schools, at Turkey Creek parking lots, at groceries and in neighborhoods. It’s time we all used a little common sense in our driving habits — and not just at the red light cameras!

• Via e-mail: I almost got rear-ended this past Friday on the Campbell Station Road entrance ramp because a car ahead of me jammed on its brakes to stop to give some money to a panhandler. Why do the Knoxville police not enforce the panhandling ordinance at this location? Is there possibly a connection between the lax panhandling enforcement and the steady stream of vehicle break-ins and other petty crime at the nearby businesses? If you don’t know what I am referring to, just take a look at the weekly police reports in this publication. A couple of daily drive-bys during the evening rush hour and late evening hours could go a long ways towards wiping out this “golden triangle” of crime in Farragut.

Editor’s Note: Knoxville police do not have jurisdiction in the town of Farragut. That falls upon Knox County Sheriff’s Office. According to KCSO, the sheriff’s office does not enforce town of Farragut ordinances as directed by Knox County courts. The Town, like any other citizen within the Town, must call and file an incident report with the sheriff’s office in order to have an officer dispatched. Basically, the Town has no more influence with KCSO than any other citizen.

• Via e-mail: Dear speeders and red-light runners, please spare us your whining and exaggerations about how many people don’t want the cameras and how they might even be ticketing fire trucks, etc. Avoiding traffic light tickets is really simple. Just follow what your kindergarten teacher taught you, i.e., don’t run (speed) while in line, and go only when it’s your turn. That simply means don’t break posted speed limits, stop on red, go on green. Practice next time you’re at a traffic light, it’s really not that difficult if you practice a little.

• Via It seems to me that in Farragut we vote on everything. That’s good if what we are voting on decides anything. It is blatantly obvious to me that it doesn’t matter if we vote in aldermen and mayors and such, if the person with all the power is not voted on. Every time one reads the farragutpress a decision on the Town is made by the planning division. To my knowledge none of these positions are voted in or term limited. Why does it matter who we vote into local power if the one person making all the decisions is not voted on. Not only should the Town have say in who is doing the planning but also how are we ever going to get new ideas if we keep the same people doing the same things. If you don’t believe that the planning division has all the power then just read the Town’s Web site at Look at the Community Development department and all they have power over. I’m not saying that the people there have not done a good job. I just think the positions should be voted on and term limited. So give the Town back to the people who live here and let them vote.

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut imposes no term limits on any of its elected officials. The elected Board of Mayor and Aldermen have final say and must vote and approve most matters brought before the planning commission.


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