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ē I just wanted to compliment Davidís Abbey Carpet for always flying the flag. I think itís a wonderful tribute to our nation and a great reminder for all the military people who have worked so hard to give freedom to all of us. I think itís a wonderful thing that they do, a great representation for our city. Thank you.

ē Can you hear my engine? Zoom, zoom. Iím on Olympic Point Drive, Fox Den, going west. And the reason why Iím zooming through Fox Den is because I donít want to go to Smith Road intersection of Kingston Pike and try to make a righthand turn on red when the person in front of me habitually is frozen. Theyíre absolutely frozen. They will not turn right on red because theyíre spooked. They donít want the ticket; they donít know the rules; they think thereís a 10-second time youíve got to be stopped. They have no idea. And Iím sick of it, so thatís my engine ó zoom, zoom ó going through Fox Den, and Iím going to have to continue to do that. Thank you very much, town of Farragut.

ē Hello. I was just wondering if there was any way for our Town fathers to take the money from the red-light cameras thatís being generated and build more calming islands. That way, they could take the two great ideas that theyíve had recently and combine them into something truly spectacular.

ē Now that the rightful concern for the poor treatment of the puppy in Waterford subdivision has calmed down, I would like to state that a Fort West resident has total disregard for his property and neighbors. Constantly, there are packages piled high by their front door, 10-plus vehicles on the street and driveway, and the yard is poorly kept. Iím wondering if Farragut has an ordinance regarding number of vehicles on a property. The sad thing is, almost everybody is subjected to this eyesore because the residence is very near the entrance to the subdivision.

Editorís Note: The town of Farragut Codes Enforcement office can be reached by calling 966-7057.

ē OK, first of all, I want to say that I am glad theyíre widening Campbell Station Road. It should have been done a long time ago. But I am on Campbell Station Road a minimum of two times a day, usually four. And Iím a little dismayed, disgusted, confused, however you want to phrase it, about the number of days and times Iíve come through here, when itís nice weather, itís good working weather, yet no one is working on Campbell Station Road. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is our tax dollars. And Iíd like to know if anybody else is offended by this.

ē Where are all the school board members and Knox County school administrative staff who made the decision to rezone the Farragut neighborhood students to attend Hardin Valley [Academy]? This includes the then-temporary superintendent [Roy] Mullins. These so-called leaders did not listen to the community inputs predicting that Hardin Valley would be at capacity in a very short period. This has become a fact in less than three years. One affected student actually presented to the group a chart that this growth would occur. It is time for the Knox County School Board to admit the errors in their decision and make rezoning corrections for the affected Farragut neighborhood children and students.

ē This is just a comment about the Farragut [U.S.] Post Office, which I try to use as little as possible. I read not too long ago where the employees, the postal employees, have their insurance paid 100 percent by the Post Office. No wonder everyone would like to work for the Post Office. When we go down there, we get the reaction from the people who are working behind the counter that theyíre doing us a favor. They are not doing us a favor; we are doing them a favor by giving them business. They are pricing themselves out of business, and this will gradually come to pass. No wonder fewer people are using the mail when they have access to a computer, because the postal service is bad; the stamps are too expensive, especially for people who live on a fixed income. So when the Post Office disappears, they can blame themselves.

ē Via e-mail: People need to get over all this red light camera stuff!! Get a life people ... so if you complain this much about, HELLO, breaking the law ... what kind of other laws are you breaking??!! How hard is it to STOP, wait and if clear, then you turn. Or if the light is RED you STOP! NOW how hard was that!

ē Via I have little sympathy for the folks who get tagged by the red light cameras.† Itís easy to avoid ... stop for the red light. There are no new traffic laws to learn; all thatís new is the technology to prove a violation. That said, Iím outraged at the ripoff being tolerated by the Town. Do the math. Each camera has the potential to generate more than $3,000 per month FOR THE VENDOR who sold the cameras to the Town. I donít know what it costs THE VENDOR to produce and install one of these setups, but Iíll bet itís all profit FOR THE VENDOR within less than a year. Not a bad return on investment! Once the investment is recouped, THE VENDOR, assuming a typical maintenance cost, stands to realize a phenomenal positive cash flow from each location. How did the town get roped into letting THE VENDOR keep most of the fines generated by these things? Seems to me that 20 percent of revenue would be a reasonable continuing return in exchange for performing necessary maintenance. Where were the hard-nosed negotiators when this deal was done?

Editorís Note: The cameras are not the property of the Town; ownership of the cameras stays with the vendor. Maintenance is provided by the vendor as well as video storage and the issuance of citations based on local review.

ē Via e-mail: I would love someone to actually research the numbers and see exactly how many students were lost at Farragut High School with the opening of Hardin Valley. I know we gained students that are being bused in from failing schools throughout the County and I know numerous families that were rezoned to Hardin Valley but found ways to stay at Farragut. I think the quality of the Farragut schools are being compromised in order to save face for choosing a poor location for a new school in Hardin Valley. Our schools would not have anything if it werenít for the time and money donated by Farragut parents and I resent people claiming that our schools have everything while others in the County apparently donít. If you have been to FHS you will see that it is [in] pretty poor shape. We have limited sport facilities and what we do have, have only come about through the support of families in Farragut and not from Knox County. The lead article in the paper discusses the Farragut ďbrandĒ but I donít see a lot of that being true. I see a lot of empty business space; a bank and/or church on every corner, none of which are revenue producing for our community. When I first moved here Farragut was the place to be but unfortunately I am seeing a steady decline with surrounding communities looking better and better. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

ē Via e-mail: I wanted to express a contrasting opinion in favor of the red-light cameras. I feel certain that the cameras will make these intersections safer, and most evidence to date supports this. It is amazing to me that people are so upset about the actual enforcement of the law as itís been on the books all along. I guess itís a case of people directing their anger over a citation at the enforcement of the law rather than the law-breaker, themselves. As for the revenue generated, I look on it as a special tax on those who canít follow the law or canít differentiate between ďright turn on red after stopĒ and ďright turn on red after slow.Ē If it keeps our other taxes lower or engenders better town services, Iím all for it. Oh, and Iíll try to remember all of this when I make a mistake in front of the red light camera myself.

ē Via e-mail: I am astonished at the recent and mostly negative responses to the red light cameras. When I went through Drivers Ed thirty some years ago, we were taught two very simple driving functions. One, that unless otherwise posted, a right turn on red was legal after a complete stop and two, a full stop must be completed before or at the white line. I have two kids going through Drivers Ed and guess what? The same rules apply today! Amazing, isnít it? When drivers put their license to use, it is a promise to abide by the rules and laws governing safe motor vehicle operation or face a citation for violating those rules. The logic is simple: Donít gun it on yellow, come to a complete stop prior to reaching or at the white line before turning right on red. For goodness sake, if you choose to not do so, accept the responsibility of a citation if you, the driver, fail to operate your vehicle in a law-abiding manner. As for the person who feels the cameras are a technological infringement on our lives, I wonder if you feel the same way


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