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FMPC approves Public Market plan
Revamp design calls for 62-foot-tall facade

Farragut’s Municipal Planning Commission approved a site plan for the Public Market, to be located off Outlet Drive, at its meeting Thursday, March 18.

Developer Charles Atchley Sr. and representative Jim Nixon also were presented with a checklist of 21 items with which to comply.

“Mr. Nixon, you’ll need a chair,” Commissioner Ron Rochelle joked about the lengthy list.

“Most of these are just cleaning up some information and making sure everything’s on the plans,” Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said.

But one item requested that Nixon and Atchley “clarify and show how the existing building is architecturally compatible with the proposed roofed outdoor sales area.”

That outdoor area will be added to the existing Outlet Mall building, and a requirement of the Town is that it architecturally match the existing building.

Hawk showed Commissioners the elevations of the site plan, telling them a large metal decorational structure at the front of the building would be 62 feet tall; the new sides will be about 24 feet tall.

The current building is 13 feet tall.

Hawk said it fell to Commissioners to decide if that metal structure would be architecturally compatible with the rest of the building.

“I think it looks like a million bucks,” Commissioner Ron Honken said.

“I think this design creates a sense that this is a destination … it really sets it apart,” he added.

Hawk said she definitely was not “advocating the existing building is beautiful or anything like that.”

Nixon told Commissioners, “‘Compatible’ is simply an interpretation. We designed it that way because we thought it looks good.

“I think it looks as good as it can. The building like it is doesn’t look good at all,” he added.

FMPC Chair Rita Holladay said, “It kind of looks front-heavy,” comparing the front of the building to “old Western” building facades.

“On the back and sides, there’s no similar design,” she added.

Mayor Ralph McGill asked Nixon what would be done to the back and sides of the building: “Painting or anything?”

“We’re going to leave them like they are,” Nixon said.

“You’re not going to paint them? Because they’re pretty rusty,” McGill asked.

Nixon said they probably would paint the whole building, but “we’re not going to break them up with material like we will the front.

“We’re trying to make it look good and festive,” he added.

Holladay asked Nixon if the colors and décor will look the same in reality as on the plan.

“We have to submit it the way we’re going to build it,” Nixon said.

Ed Whiting moved to accept the site plan, deleting the “architecturally compatible” requirement from the checklist. Ed St. Clair seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

“Make sure the rest of it is cleaned up and painted a similar color as the front. I don’t think we can ask anymore,” McGill said.


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