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• Finally, the School Board is acting in a reasonable manner. [Farragut Middle School] eighth-graders who have been rezoned to Hardin Valley [Academy] can express interest in staying at the closest high school, Farragut High School. Most of us knew it would be just a matter of time before Hardin Valley was at capacity. Little did we realize that would only be two years. Who wants their students attending 7 a.m. classes because they need to, not because they want to? Let’s keep our children locally.

• I’m glad to see the Town looking into a community center. Wouldn’t it be great to have indoor volleyball leagues, an indoor walking track, bowling alleys, racquetball courts, a performing arts theater, an area where seniors could have classes, [and] also kids’ activities. Wow! What a great idea. Finally, something Farragut will have to bring it together as a community.

• Yes, I’m calling in response to the article I saw in this week’s press that you can pay your LCUB utility bill with a credit card out of your bank by calling them for $7.25. But then they said they were absorbing from $4.50, that they would only charge you $4.50. That’s not true. I paid mine by credit card this month. [According to] my bank statement last month they charged me $7.25 both months. It came directly out of my checking account. So I don’t know who’s telling you that they just charge $4.50 and they make up the difference, because that’s not true. They charge $7.25. Thank you much.

• Let’s look at our Post Office and what’s happening. If the Post Office would charge first class rates on all the junk mail you get put in your mailbox, this would certainly cut down on unwanted mail. And the Post Office would not be hurting for money. When I walk from my mailbox, I start sorting my mail, and when I get what I get is not wanted, it then goes in the garbage can. Also, this continues to help clutter our landfills, and a good percent of this garbage we have is unwanted junk in the mailbox. Post Office, charge first class rates and you can cut down on your debt and probably get out of debt.

• I was just coming down Campbell Station Road a second ago, and I came to the intersection where all the construction is going on, and I saw the message flashing that said, “Reduce speed/bump aheada.” Does anyone else think it’s funny that sign says, “Bump aheada?” Maybe they could add another screen that says, “Beware: greedy Town revenue cameras just ahead.”

• Via My comment about the red-light cameras has been said before, but it seems that SOME readers of the farragutpress just can’t understand: 1) If the light turns yellow, stop. Don’t gun your engine and run it. 2) If you’re turning right, stop at the line, check for no cars coming and then turn right on red. I’ve been doing it that way since they installed the cameras and guess what, I haven’t had a ticket yet. And I’m one of those who used to roll right on the red light if no one was coming. I now stop. If you do those two things correctly you won’t get that hateful, communist $50 ticket being read by that retired sheriff’s deputy or the city judge who rules against you because you ran the red light.

• Via To the commentator in the March 18 edition, I’ve worked for the Postal Service for 13 years. Funny thing is the Post Office has always taken a biweekly premium out of my paycheck for our health insurance. Yes, we have a better plan than most, which I am thankful for, but for the record, this year’s Blue Cross Blue Shield family premium is $132.83 out of my paycheck, every paycheck, 26 times a year. You need to get your facts straight before writing the paper. No federal/government employee gets a 100 percent free ride on health insurance.

• Via I still have no sympathy for anyone who gets tagged by the red-light cameras. Your “Editor’s Note” in reply to my comments last week explained that the cameras are not purchased by the Town, but remain the property of the vendor. I now understand why the Town is willing to let the vendor keep the bulk of the revenues generated by the cameras. As far as the Stewards of Farragut are concerned, this is found money for which they don’t need to lift a finger. Give me a break! The camera vendor is making a killing off the fools who (a) don’t have a clue about how to negotiate a decent contract and (b) don’t have the time to obey traffic laws that have been in place for generations. I guess the Stewards tripped all over their tongues when the camera guys told them what a wonderful revenue enhancement deal they had. As a devout capitalist, I say “more power to the vendor.” As a citizen, I’m appalled that the Stewards couldn’t negotiate a better deal. Did I mention that I still have no sympathy for the fools who are getting tagged?

• Via Seems Farragut High School has recognized its big blunder in forcing kids to attend Hardin Valley Academy; come this Fall those students will be free to choose which school to attend; too bad this offer was not available in 2008 for obvious reasons.

Editor’s Note: Farragut High School and its staff did not make the decision to relocate students to Hardin Valley Academy; that decision was made by Knox County Schools. Our sources tell us that the slots available for transfers to FHS are limited and that everyone cannot transfer.

• Via How sad the landscape of Farragut looks today. I moved here 10 years ago and thought what a wonderful, quaint, beautiful community. Purposely picking this area due to the conveniences, but mostly the way they took care of the streets, the buildings, etc. Well, the streets are going to pot (holes) and the buildings have gone to the sign company. You drive down Kingston Pike and every 100 feet you see a “For Lease” or “For Sale” sign. So many empty buildings and yet we just keep right on building new ones. New buildings are great … but you need to fill the empty ones in a decent amount of time. I have been living close to two buildings that have been vacant for 10 years now. At least one they tore down and put up a nicer (vacant) building, much better on the eye. What is going on in this town? So many buildings are going downhill due to vacancy. I know the economy is a big part of the problem, but not the only problem. When the economy falters you just don’t go and spend all this money and build things you don’t need. It would be like losing your job and going on a continuous shopping spree, spending money you know you just don’t have. Make do and refurbish what you do have until things look up. Let’s stop destroying our beautiful trees to put in concrete just to let the old concrete sit empty and rot. It’s starting to look like a rundown city!

• Via Vice President [Joe] Biden summed up the passage of the healthcare bill as “a big [expletive] deal” when he personally greeted President [Barack] Obama during the [bill] signing ceremony on Tuesday. His comment was picked up by a microphone and broadcasted on live, national TV for all to hear. In the next morning’s briefing, the president is reported saying: “You know what the best thing about yesterday was? Joe’s comment.” At a fundraiser later that day, Vice President Biden said that the president had even tried to get a T-shirt made with the remark but wasn’t able to get one made in time. I am appalled by the statements of both of these government leaders. This is a callous disrespect for the public, for the offices that both these men hold (I can’t very well say “gentlemen” now, can I?), and for America at large. The verbal actions and lack of a presidential rebuke do nothing but confirm my lowest expectations of what human refuse is occupying much of government today. It is no wonder that those governing do not have the affirmation and respect of the majority of Americans. It is a very sad day in America when the two highest offices in the land present such phony role models. I think it is time to ask the U.S. State Department to revise their etiquette standards and remove the term “honorable” from most of the addresses of personages in government today.

Editor’s Note: With the exception of the late President Ronald Reagan, many of our presidents and their staffs have been documented as having “salty” language.

• Via This is a warning to those of you who think we are safe from petty crime in Farragut. Somewhere living amongst us is a young man around 30 years of age who looks honest, but who will blithely steal from even a handicapped, gray-haired, 66-year-old woman who trusted him. On a recent Saturday night, at about 8:30 p.m. at the Redbox movie machine at 11927 Kingston Pike, after waiting 15 minutes for a non-ending stream of waiting people to get shorter, I finally leaned out my car window and addressed the man as “Sir.” When he turned, I asked him if he would mind returning my movie along with his own, since standing is difficult for me. He smiled and said, “No problem.” In a hurry to get home and feeling safe, I drove off without watching him further. I have done this other times with no problem, which had left me with the good feeling that people really are kind and glad to help. Not this time. I will now have to pay the $25 charge for non-return of the movie I entrusted him with. We’re never too old to learn, but it really hurts me to realize that I can’t always depend on the kindness of strangers — even in Farragut. By the way, the DVD was “Capitalism: A Love Story,” all about the triumph of greed over humanitarianism.

• Via e-mail: I must say I was [quite] upset after viewing the [March] 25 Board meeting. How can a Board pray before their meeting and [say the] pledge of allegiance to the flag “one nation under God” and then turn down a charity like Feeding God’s Children because of it being faith-based? This charity does wonderful things — SHAME ON THIS BOARD — I know you may say it didn’t turn down the request, but it was very plain to see and I applaud the president of FGC for his restraint and wisdom in withdrawing his request. I hope more voters see the 25th meeting.

• Via I have concluded that racial prejudice, right-wing radio talkshows and Fox News are [three] main effects for the terrorist threats directed toward our president and progressive members of Congress. The terrorist who murdered attendees at the children’s play at the Tennessee Valley [Unitarian] Church left a manifesto that he did it because the church advocated liberal causes. The first things police found next to his bed were books written by conservative, right-wing talkshow hosts and Fox News commentators. During the last presidential campaign a CNN poll found that 27 percent and 28 percent of respondents said that they could not vote for a black or female, respectively. We now have a black president and a female occupying the most prestigious cabinet position. That partially accounts for Secret Service data that [alleged] during the president’s [time] in office he had received 400 percent more threats in eight months than George W. Bush had received in his eight-year term. I even heard a conservative local radio host complain that the president should have located two nuclear plants in East Tennessee where TVA (a socialist business by any definition) is located rather than Georgia. The president apparently realized that if he had placed them under TVA the conservatives would have said: “there goes that socialist.” I really hope that right-wing Congressmen, the tea partiers, [Rush] Limbaugh, [Glenn] Beck and the other propagandists would quit instigating violence. Please become more responsible than you were during the vote on containing insurance companies and reducing health cost. Though it is a complex issue, objective data shows that something had to be done about the present exponential increase cost of health care, which if not contained, would have imminently bankrupted this country and millions of its citizens. I only hope that you become less greedy and become more civil and express your misplaced hostility and displaced aggression at the ballot box. Also remember that though race and gender have changed the face of politics, that is no reason for conservative congressmen to tacitly agree to reject, say no we can’t, and just say no when voting on issues just to appease some of their constituents who “just can’t bring themselves to vote for a black or female for president.”

• Via Still reeling in shock at the sudden and unexpected death of the youngest member of our family and blinded deeply by grief Saturday, my family rode in a funeral procession from Click Funeral Home to Concord Masonic Cemetery. We couldn’t help but notice the many cars that did not stop to honor the funeral procession. I could understand that it wasn’t feasible along the busy Kingston Pike, but when we turned onto Campbell Station South and on to Concord Road, cars continued to run alongside the procession. One red Corvette with a brown convertible top, actually cut off the hearse and then turned left into Kroger. I can’t imagine what his hurry was. I don’t think it would have been an emergency at Kroger. I am writing to remind our community that respect and honor for the dead should still be the etiquette. When I grew up in the Concord/Farragut area, we were one big family. We loved and cared for each other. Where has that gone? Thank you for the opportunity to speak. I am praying for our community.

Editor’s Note: According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, drivers are not required to stop for oncoming funeral processions. However, it is illegal to pass a funeral procession on a two-lane road, but it is permissible on a four-lane road. It also is illegal to cut into or across a procession. Vehicles traveling in a funeral procession should be clearly marked to aid approaching traffic.


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