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Tax refund, no grants

I have been reading in the farragutpress about the travails of the grant process and how you have come to a great and wonderful solution.

Why does the town of Farragut have a grant process? Why is the government doling out money? If there is extra money in the coffers, should that money not be returned to the people? Should not we, the citizens of Farragut, be receiving a tax refund?

Many of you were elected on a platform of being against crony capitalism, at least to the extent it existed in Farragut. Is not the granting process just another form of crony capitalism?

Why is the government responsible for donating to worthy charities? Why am I not trusted with the commandment of donating to charity? Why do you, as our government representatives, know better how to donate my money to charity than I do?

When the Hebrews gave more than enough gold and supplies to Moses for the building of the tabernacle, did not Moses tell the Hebrews to stop sending more contributions?

Please be responsible stewards of our funds and tax receipts. Please return excess tax collections to the people of Farragut.

Aaron G. Margulies


School zoning questioned

Even before the latest decision for Hardin Valley Academy students to choose to return to Farragut High School because of the overcrowding issue, our son decided to attend FHS because he was eligible to be “grandfathered” and desired to stay at FHS.

We knew that when the rezoning occurred and we were offered this option we would have to provide transportation for him to FHS as a so-called “concession.”

In the last couple of years, however, we have felt duped because of “No Child Left Behind.” These children, who have no attachment to our community, are allowed to be bused to FHS/HVA while our children, whose bus stops are close to home, are still not allowed to ride because of the “grandfather agreement.”

I addressed this with Mr. [Thomas] Deakins, our school board [District 5] representative, and while he understood my concerns, referred me to Dr. Rick Grubb, director of transportation [for Knox County Schools system].

Here was Dr. Grubb’s reply: “During the rezoning process the situation you are alluding to was addressed. We realize that the middle school bus operates in your neighborhood. However, the Board determined that transportation services would not be offered to any student choosing to “grandfather” to Farragut.

“In regards to the overcrowding at HVA, more than 300 transfers have been approved for students not residing in the zone. More than 250 students residing outside of the Farragut High zone have approved transfers as well. The majority of the transfers enrolled at Farragut are the result of the ‘No Child Left Behind’ program. NCLB is funded from federal monies and the School District’s compliance is mandated. Transportation services is a related service for students opting to request a NCLB transfer.”

This response was dated Feb. 9, but I have since followed up with the office and they still refuse to offer transportation.

So my question is this, if parents have a student attending Farragut Middle School and now FHS, is the middle school student allowed to ride the bus while the high school student isn’t?

I wonder how many parents are thinking the same thing we are: Why did 120 students from Farragut need to get rezoned in the first place, and why don’t we improve the education at the other schools so that no child is left behind at a school they should be attending?

If you have any of the same issues, I would encourage you to call your School Board representative or e-mail Dr. Grubb at to voice your concerns.

Joyce Sayers



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