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Red-light camera redux

ē I just wanted the merchants of Farragut to know that I try to do as little shopping as possible in Farragut because of the red-light cameras. The yellow lights never last as long as they should and thereís always somebody behind me, and Iím scared to death of slamming on my brakes and getting hit from behind. And Iím also scared of paying $80 for a ticket when I go out for $30 of groceries or some little errand. Itís a definite deterrent to doing any spending in Farragut.

Editorís Note: The fine for a red-light camera citation is $50, not $80.

Church, state separation must be maintained

ē While Two Rivers is a wonderful church ó Iíve attended several programs there, and they have an excellent youth program ó I donít think they have the right to ask the town of Farragut to donate $8,000 to them to fund an internal program. That is money that comes from tax revenue from retail sales, the red-light cameras, wherever it comes from. If they want to fund that kind of program, they need to solicit fundraisers and private donations. To ask the town of Farragut to violate separation of church and state is just wrong, and once the town of Farragut does this once ó agrees to make that kind of donation, or any kind of donation to a religious organization or an offshoot of a religious organization ó then they open the floodgates to any other group to demand the same right. And if they say no, they open the Town up for a lawsuit. It will, in the long run, end up causing the citizens of the town of Farragut time, trouble and money. I did not appreciate and was highly offended by the comment that there were no children missing meals or starving in Farragut. How does he know that? In this economy, a lot of people have lost their jobs, lost their homes; they are scraping by. They are having a hard time putting food on the table for themselves and their children. Just because we are supposedly an affluent area does not mean we have it easy, and this man owes the people of Farragut an apology.

Editorís Note: The leaders of Two Rivers Church did not ask the town of Farragut for any funding. The organization requesting funds was Feeding Godís Children, an organization loosely affiliated with Two Rivers Church, but not a ministry of that church.


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