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Music hits HVA

Hardin Valley Music Night drew in a crowd to the school’s auditorium. This first time event was held Friday evening, March 19, to support the Technology Student Association. It was a great success.

The idea came to one of the TSA members, because he wanted to attend a “battle of the bands” type of event throughout the semester, and no one else had done it. Hardin Valley teacher and TSA sponsor, Amber Irvin, was ready to take this on when the idea was brought up.

Ten different bands from HVA and surrounding schools in Knoxville performed at this unique event. The band names are as follows: The Green Fleece, Ryan Clark, Hello Mr. Anderson, the Inborn Lifeless, Molly Jones and Forester, Small Town Lights, Failure to Plan, Jake’s Ramblings, Mas Fine and Eric Dixon. Each band had to put in a $50 deposit. At the end of the night, the bands were refunded forty dollars if they followed all of the rules. Some of the rules included no swearing on stage and not sabotaging other bands’ equipment.

It is obvious from the band names that there was quite a variety of genres played on Music Night. From acoustic songs by HVA junior Ryan Clark, to jazz by The Green Fleece, and even hard metal from The Inborn Lifeless, these bands brought diversity to an average Friday night.

Matt Nelson from The Green Fleece, a jazz band, and a senior at HVA, was ready to sign up when advertisements first started to be put up in the hallways.

“We thought it would be a fun way to play and meet some other musical peers from Hardin Valley,” said Nelson.

The crowd consisted of mostly Hardin Valley students. The tickets were $3 to get in, and many said that it was worth it.

HVA junior Shelby Christian was one of many that who really enjoyed the night. She liked spending time with friends and listening to music made by people her own age. “The atmosphere changed with each band,” said Christian. “With Green Fleece, it was very laid back. With The Inborn Lifeless, though, it seemed dark and everyone was head-banging!” She added, “Overall, it was a good night. There was a lot of talent from all the schools that came.”

At the end of the night, Mas Fine won the crowd’s vote in becoming Hardin Valley’s best band. Many people greatly enjoyed themselves on this special night, and cannot wait to go next year. It seems only fair to say that once again, HVA has another great tradition to keep going for years to come.


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