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SERC supply drive to begin

It’s a “yes” to begin the weekly supply drive – the Town’s School Education Relations Committee members agreed at their meeting, Wednesday, April 7, at Town Hall.

Beginning next week, farragutpress readers will see a box in the paper, listing the need of the week. Farragut public schools may be listed individually as specific needs arise or one item may be listed as a need for all schools.

SERC members chose to do a trial run of the formerly titled “Take Home Tuesday” weekly supply drive. SERC members will use this as a gauge to determine future projects.

Ad space has been donated by farragutpress for SERC to inform the community of weekly school needs such as pencils, markers, paper and scissors.

Walgreens and CVS were decided as the businesses the committee members plan to use for its upcoming paper drive. Managers at the Farragut branches agreed to hold the donations at their businesses. A donation bin also will be at Town Hall and at local schools.

“At a minimum, they need recognition as participants,” committee member Heather Marshall said.

Plans for that drive currently are on hold as chair Margaret Johns mentioned the need to use company logos for each store in the ad. Because school will be out for the summer soon, and it will take time to get those logos, the paper drive was put aside.

Future annual checks given from the Town to each Farragut public school were discussed.

Currently, Farragut High School, Farragut Middle School, Farragut Intermediate School, Farragut Primary School and Hardin Valley Academy each receive $10,000 each year from the town of Farragut.

SERC members discussed whether or not that should continue. SERC could use some or all of the funds for projects they bring to the Board of Mayor and Alderman. If BOMA members agreed on the proposed projects, the funds could be invested at the schools through SERC.

However, after weighing their options, committee members decided it would be too dramatic to lessen the amount given to the schools.

Principals count on that money, committee member Shannon Warden said.

Instead, SERC members decided as a whole to ask BOMA for additional funds for its use as future projects arise rather than ask to lessen funds given to the five public schools.

Johns brought up senior citizen volunteer program, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, again.

Warden suggested piloting a senior citizen volunteer program before going to Knox County Schools for them to use it throughout Knox County.

Johns concluded from her conversations with an RSVP representative that in order “to get a program like that moving quickly, you’re going to have to get into the County level.”

Johns said while the goal is to help Farragut schools, it also is to help senior citizens feel connected to their community.

Committee member Carla Lyle brought up a new idea for a SERC project sparked by her involvement in the Town’s Economic Development Committee: discount cards to be used at Farragut businesses. Funds would be given to each Farragut school – public and private.

The next meeting will be held at Town Hall, Wednesday, May 5.


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