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FBA slates community events

Farragut Business Alliance is planning two events this year: repeating the popular Taste of Farragut event in September and initiating a Fourth of July barbecue.

July 2, FBA will host an Independence Day barbecue on farragutpress grounds, with plans to make the event a yearly one, held the night before the Town’s Independence Day Parade.

This year, the parade will be held Saturday, July 3, rather than on the Fourth, which falls on a Sunday.

A subcommittee of FBA will begin working on details and the group is considering a charitable organization the event could benefit.

The Taste of Farragut, which debuted last year, again will be scheduled in September on a Friday night.

“This is more focused on the food aspect of Farragut,” David Purvis, FBA founder and owner of Farragut Wine and Spirits, said.

The planners said they’d pick a night Farragut High School would not be playing football.

In 2011, Purvis said the FBA hopes to have an arts festival in the spring, perhaps utilizing the Town’s popular parks.

FBA also made headway on a long-held idea of distributing coupon cards, similar to Kroger or Ingles cards, that could be used for a discount at all Farragut businesses.

“This is a major project,” Purvis said.

“We want to encourage people to come into the Town to shop,” he added.

“Do we think the community will respond to this?” Pamela Treacy, owner of Campbell Station Wine and Spirits, asked.

The cards could be distributed as fundraisers for schools Farragut children attend, both public and private.

If a card were sold for, say, $10, a small portion of that money would go to covering the cost of the card’s creation. The rest would go to whichever school sold that card.

“It think it would be good for anybody,” Purvis said, adding the cards could be a great “win-win” partnership between businesses and schools.

Treacy said she would like to see the money go to academics rather than sports; pointing out academics is where funds are sorely needed.

Carla Lyle, also a member of the Town’s School Education Relations Committee, warned that Knox County and the PTA organization have limits on fundraisers students and schools can participate in.

Knox County allows schools only two major fundraisers per year, and the PTA organizations prohibit students from selling items door-to-door.

“The rules go away with booster clubs,” she said.

Lyle said there are ways around the limits, “but you have to go through the proper channels.”

Treacy and Purvis predicted older students might look at distributing the cards as a senior project or community service.

“We’re a small organization with no staff and no funding,” Treacy said of the FBA, which is comprised largely of small business owners and employees.

Purvis asked Lyle to take the idea to the school committee and provide insight into the process of fundraising among Farragut schools.


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