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Defendent sparks humor

ē I laughed myself silly after reading the story about Kim Cook complaining that she was hoodwinked by Redflex because they didnít tell her a rolling-right-turn-on-red was a traffic violation. Honey, Redflex doesnít make the traffic laws; they just provide the technology to catch drivers like you who donít or wonít obey the law.

Campbell concerns

ē Hello. Iím calling you about an item of great concern in our community, and that is the ongoing construction project along Campbell Station Road and how it impacts us all. Early on, the kids at Farragut High School were told the access road to their school down to Campbell Station would be closed through March. Now weíre halfway through April and May looms up in the future, the road is still closed and there are no signs of progress. Imagine the frustration of the juniors and seniors at Farragut High School, trying to make it to the car park each and every morning before their classes begin, forced to enter the school through just the one access road on Kingston Pike. This amount of traffic in such a small space surely creates tremendous congestion in the mornings and afternoons, and serves as the cause of tremendous anxiety for the kids, not to mention all of us who commute to and from work every morning and afternoon through the construction zone. Where are the workers? No, Iím not talking about the poor buggers whoíve been painting that beautiful wall by the school for weeks. Iím referring to the workers who operate all that fine machinery that sits idly by while nothing is being done. My question is this: where are the workers, when will they return and when will the project be completed? Thank you very much.

ē All right. So here it is, another beautiful day in Farragut: an hour and a half ago, I came down Campbell Station Road ó no construction workers. Coming back the other way ó no construction workers. This has happened a lot on many beautiful days: sunshine, ambient temperatures. I travel Campbell Station Road a minimum of two times a day, sometimes four. And yet, there are so many beautiful days when the weather is perfect to be working on Campbell Station Road and nobody is. I thought this construction project was a top priority. Is there anybody monitoring this? Is the construction company going to be held accountable, have to pay any fines, if they donít complete it on time because they didnít work on the days they could? When is this project ever going to be done?

Editorís Note: Campbell Station Road improvements are a Tennessee Department of Transportation project. The contractor, APAC Atlantic Inc., also was awarded the contract for Cades Cove Loop Roadís revamp. According to Town staff, the project has faced some delays due to the rainy winter, utility relocation and because APAC Atlantic pulled some crews from the CSR project to help complete the Cades Cove project. Construction on CSR should resume later this week. The date of completion is (and has been) Nov. 30.

Red light camera redux

ē Via I would like to thank Farragut for the ďRed Lite [sic] Cameras.Ē Although I may never pay a fine for going through a red lite [sic] and putting someone at risk of death or serious injury, I believe we should have the cameras at every lighted intersection. I now feel so much safer from irresponsible drivers who may shop in Farragut.

HVA too big

ē Via e-mail: Hardin Valley Academy, go stand over there and watch. It looks like a college. Going and coming around lunch, in and out of the buildings. I never got that much freedom even as an adult. Too big of a school. The students may all fit in there but who is there to teach and to maintain in order, itís overwhelming. One counselor told me she hasnít even been through the whole school. Beautiful school, but the saying is: You canít judge a book by its cover, read whatís inside. Thanks again. Sorry to vent!

Reader wonít pay fines

ē To the Gentlemanís comments last week: Yes, the red light cameras are one big money grab by the bureaucrats. Last year, with much fanfare, the aldermen approved the red lights. It was not about safety or anything else, but money pure and simple. Many towns are now taking them out and the companies providing them in many towns are taking them out as they are not making any money. Now if safety was the foremost concern, why have these towns not paid in money to keep those cameras? Ö Now if you want to get rid of the cameras, then stop the money flow. Beat the bureaucrats at their own game. Bureaucrats pump out paper. Pump it back on them. I know, I have done it many times and I usually win as the one thing a bureaucrat hates is to actually work and do their job. It is legal for all of you to exercise your legal rights and not PAY those tickets. Make the bureaucrats, courts, Town go though the entire civil process. Lets welcome that new judge with open arms, LOL! I read where about 800-900 tickets are being issued a month. Now [photo enforcement manager] Ben Harkins is a great guy, but how much is he making off this? Plenty! Not paying the tickets is a civil offense, not a criminal offense. They cannot come arrest you, seize your car, etc. In fact, there is not really much of anything they can do that is a big deal. So make them go through the process, as the town of Farragut could not possibly process 800 court cases per month.

Editorís Note: According to Town officials, unpaid tickets will be reported to the credit bureau and will appear on non-payersí credit reports.

Dumb islands

ē Regarding those dumb islands. They are dangerous and it took Farragut 1.5 years to finally put some mulch [and] trees on them. We spent thousands for those islands and it is a joke. The town of Farragut just has too much money. Our parks and islands are kept better than most peopleís yards. Those islands even have sprinkler systems.

Cops needed at Lovell Road

ē Via e-mail: It would be helpful if the Knoxville Police would setup at the [Grassy Valley] Baptist church at Lovell Road and Kingston Pike on weekday mornings and stop eastbound cars on Kingston Pike from making illegal u-turns. Folks are avoiding waiting in line in the turn lane by Walgreens and the problem is that each car that does that costs at least three cars the chance to turn left and greatly increases the traffic problem. Thanks.

Editorís Note: Eastbound drivers also are making illegal left turns onto Lovell from the left thru lane on Kingston Pike. Drivers also are cutting through the old Food City parking lot off Concord Road to avoid the light at Concord and Kingston Pike.


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