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Best to Jazzy

• “Jazzy”: what a joke of a story. She is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I hope she enjoyed her bag of small gifts from our Mayor.

Tellico bow hunts

• I’m just calling in because I heard recently that Tellico Village Property Owners Association in Loudon, Tenn., is now considering using bow hunts to control resident deer populations. Apparently, the bow hunting is among the cruelest forms of hunting, and I would hope that people could contact the TVPOA, the Tellico Village Property Owners Association, in Loudon County, in Loudon, Tenn., to please ask for them to take bow hunting off their list of deer control methods. Because although maybe people believe that populations of deer need to be controlled, this is not the appropriate way to go about doing it. Thank you.

Sad day for church

• Via e-mail: Other than the death of family members, this is the saddest day on my life. If you had asked me the name of a priest who I can trust the most, it would quickly be Father William “Bill” Casey. My daughter’s middle name is his. Father Casey married myself and my siblings, baptized my children, buried my parents — and was requested to marry my daughter this summer. This seems an impossible event. Although I do not attend the Catholic church as an adult — all I can say is I am relieved that my father did not see this day — a very loved man!

Campbell Station redux

• Via e-mail: I am also weighing in with consternation that there is absolutely no work being done on the Campbell Station Road widening project on a beautiful week in mid-April. This is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t tell me that the laborers were pulled off the job to work on the Cade’s Cove re-surfacing project. Where are they now? ... that’s been completed for almost a month! If the contractor [APAC Atlantic, Inc.] doesn’t have enough workers, go hire some more. Wasn’t this the intent of the Federal shovel-ready job program?

Editor’s Note: According to Town officials the Campbell Station Road project is on schedule, workers or not.

Support for Zimmermann

• Via I support Mr. [Kurt] Zimmermann’s action for all he is doing to right a wrong. How proud of his son must that papa be for pointing out that the word “myth” was erroneously used in referring to creation in the Farragut High School honors biology book. As a parent to an AP student at FHS, he too has questioned many times things taught in error about creation and has wondered why the word “myth” is never used in referring to evolution. There is mounting evidence to support a creator, just do your homework and it will be revealed to you plain as the nose on your face. Our world as a whole will always resist accepting a creator for obvious reasons. I stand by this father’s pursuit to have the book’s error corrected in an ASAP manner. Shamefully more Christian parents do not take their rightful stand to oppose evolution from being taught as a “fact” to our children in America, yet 80 percent of the nation claims to be Christian. Both my children were lucky to have had almost all Christian teachers while they went through the Farragut school system. More need not be said, you can pass laws to prohibit teaching “truths” but the truth will always find its way out. Come on Mr. [Michael] Reynolds [FHS principal], do the right thing. I wonder if your committee voted in your favor as a means to hold on to their jobs?

Editor’s Note: According to school sources, evolution is being presented as a theory, not fact.

More red-light camera

• Via Is anyone/everyone aware that the red-light cameras are installed for safety and not revenue generation? Every municipality, including the town of Farragut, takes this stance. If safety is the primary concern why aren’t they at every approach to each intersection? And, why not at every red light? If it doesn’t cost the municipality any funds, why aren’t the cameras placed at every approach to every red light? Editor, is it factual that the cameras also record the speed of automobile during the infraction? I know the cameras in the city of Knoxville do and the city law director states that speeding will not be fined or reported. I asked him what the fine/penalty would be for a driver running a red light at a speed of 100 mph and his reply was “$50.” I also inquired what the penalty would be for running the red lights 50 times and his reply was “$50 per occurrence.” I surely hope this isn’t the case in the town of Farragut — because after all, it is all about the safety. Can you ask the red-light camera czar? Thanks. [Also,] using the old Food City parking lot to bypass the Concord/

Kingston Pike intersection isn’t illegal if you use the road beside Wendy’s and wind around to Concord as that route is controlled by traffic signs and signals.

Editor’s Note: Red-light cameras are installed at intersections based on traffic counts and the number of accidents at those intersections. Red light cameras do record speed based on vehicle tires crossing the two bars located within the pavement at equipped intersections. Based on Farragut court proceedings, each red-light violation is fined since each is a separate violation of the law. Former Town Judge Jerry Martin ruled that multiple fines had to be paid. However, Martin imposed only one court cost fee. The company that owns the camera equipment and the Town receive no revenue from drivers who do not break the law. The Food City parking lot access is a private drive similar to the named and signed private drives going to and from Farragut High School — cut-through traffic is not allowed through FHS campus.

Thanks, Mr. Editor

• Via Thank you Mr. editor for advising us that the credit bureau will get you if you don’t pay the tickets. BIG DEAL! The credit scores don’t mean squat to banks today!! Their [sic] still not loaning money to people even with good credit scores. (Thanks for the bailouts taxpayers). And another thing, It may be lawful to turn right on red but it’s not mandatory! So you can just sit there frustrated at the red light while I wait for the green light. Shopping in Farragut is not mandatory either and forcing Sam and Andy’s to get rid of their airlock was stupid too. I can’t wait for elections so we can get the proponents of milking the working men and women during hard times out of here!

• Via U.S. Mail: I think the “dumb islands” will be very nice. [Also,] if you cannot pay the fines, obey the red lights! More importantly, we must vote for several “professional” politicians. I remember one that voted against wearing a safe helmet when riding his bike. Some of these politicians need to get a job so they understand taxpayers.


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