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Red Line Gallery opens

Natalie Swindell opened Red Line Gallery, which features art by local and international artists, in Village Green in early April.- Heather Mays/farragutpress
Farragut resident Natalie Swindell thought Farragut needed a venue for art, so she opened one.

Red Line Gallery opened in Village Green, 11519 Kingston Pike, at the beginning of April.

Ive taken art classes and been involved in art for as long as I remember, and have always wanted to be involved, Swindell, who moved to Farragut 12 years ago from the Midwest, said.

Ive met gallery owners and it just became a dream of mine to do, so I did it, she added.

Swindell said Farragut had a lack of art venues, and she hoped Red Line would help fill the void.

I thought bringing it over this way would be fun and cool to do, Swindell said.

The Gallery features works from local, national and even international artists, including Renee Buchanan from Lenoir City and Stacey Fletcher from Knoxville and Aurora Pope from Greeneville, Tenn.

Swindell also offers works from Bregelle Whitworth Davis from Salt Lake City, Utah; Richard Salcido from San Diego, Calif.; Frank Gonzales from New York and Carles Gomila from Menorca, Spain.

I thought including a mix was important, Swindell said.

I wanted to show a broad range of what other people are doing and I wanted to include several local artists, she added.

The art hanging now, mostly paintings, is largely modern and slightly abstract, but Swindell hoped Red Line would change out showings.

Right now its mostly contemporary, but Im open to switching it around, so its not the same every time someone comes in.

Id like to do a photography exhibit at some point, and maybe watercolors. Just sort of mix it up, she added.

The open floor plan also leaves space for three-dimensional art and sculptures.

I can fit stuff in the middle. Ill just mix it up when I can, Swindell said.

Swindell hoped to host events in the Gallery, similar to its grand opening event, which featured an art showing and wine and small food tasting.

And before that, a local nonprofit, Breakthrough, hosted a fundraiser for a cookbook they were doing. And they used the space for that, which was great.

I plan on doing, every couple of months, an event where people come in and have some wine, some food, look at the art and hopefully have a great time, Swindell said.

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