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Educator responds

I am a science teacher at Farragut High School and would like to submit the following Letter to the Editor:

Please keep the biology textbook controversy in perspective — it doesn’t merit the attention it’s receiving. First of all, the book in question contains one statement that should have been phrased differently. The book was carefully chosen from the approved state adoption list by a committee of capable educators, and was selected to be used in all 13 Knox County high schools. It has been used at our school for seven years. In that amount of time, we received one other complaint about “the sentence.” Due to its age, the book was supposed to be replaced this year but there was no funding for new textbooks.

Second, if this statement is so offensive why haven’t more complaints been lodged before now? I seriously doubt the Christian faith of our population has been shaken by one sentence in a textbook. Based on the number of people that have jumped on the “ban the book” bandwagon, I suspect other motives. There exists a separation of church and state in this country. As a science teacher, my job is to teach science, not religion.

This controversy is just another distraction during a year when teacher morale is extremely low. I encourage the Knox County School Board to spend its time on issues that are going to make a difference in the classroom.

Kristin Baksa

Farragut High School


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