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Kings Gate, clean it up

ē Hey, Kings Gate homeowners: itís spring; letís clean up the neighborhood [and] get rid of all the eyesores. Have you got someone on your street parking a vehicle in the road with expired plates? Someone who has abandoned lawnmowers left in the yard with grass growing over it? How about appliances left in the yard, rusting? Is your neighborís grass knee-deep? Call the town of Farragut: give them the house number and street name. Letís get our neighborhood looking good. Come on, Kings Gate, letís clean up this mess.

Butt out of Farragut business

ē Please enlighten us, Mr. [Steven] Helenek [Letter to the Editor, Thursday, April 22], why someone who lives in Bearden should be telling us, the citizens of Farragut, how to run our city and how to vote. I suggest you take your red-light gripes to the Knoxville City Council. We wonít tell you how to run Knoxville or Bearden, and because you donít live in Farragut, you should butt out of our business. The next time you drive in Farragut, obey the law or pay the fine.

Well-rounded education sought

ē I hope we are not going to start looking at every word in every book to be sure no one is offended. I am sure there is a word in every textbook that offends someone. If a student questions a word, what a wonderful opportunity to have a discussion with your child. After all, one of the purposes of an education is to promote thinking. Discuss all facets of a subject, and let a student decide what he wants to believe. Donít the parents in Farragut want their children to have a well-rounded education?

Support for red-light cameras

ē Iím a resident of Farragut; I really appreciate the presstalk and I want to speak what I think a lot of people are thinking. I am for the people in Farragut who are for the traffic cameras at the red lights. I see no reason for speeding. I see no reason for turning right when you havenít stopped, as the law requires. Iím so thankful that the people who send in these ó I canít think of another word ó dumb letters about ďLetís elect somebody else,Ē are not in control. I think and I hope theyíre the minority. I live off Campbell Station Road off Grigsby Chapel Road, and I thank God we put in the traffic islands. Thank you.

Vandals hit underpass again

ē Via Well, I see the vandals have visited the Boyd Station Road railroad underpass again this weekend. This time script covers the walls similar to the rantings of the character Plato in the Beetle Bailey comic strip. My question is how can someone have the time to do this laborious vandalism and not have a police patrol car happen by? For that matter, when do police patrol cars happen by? When is the last time anyone was cited by a police officer in the Farragut area? There was a wreck on Choto Road Saturday night and another on Kingston Pike at Harvey Road yesterday afternoon, both of which appeared to have been caused by either speeding, running a stop sign or drinking. We need the police patrolling and not just showing up after the damage is done. Thank goodness we at least have red-light cameras to help protect those of us who know what a stop sign or red light means.

Jazzy not a joke

ē Via Jazzy, ďa JOKE of a Story?Ē Really? A 17-year-old who commits to running from Los Angeles to New York as a tribute to a lost loved one and to bring attention to a real cause such as medical benefits for hardworking truckers who are the backbone of the U.S. economy is a ďjoke of a story.Ē Explain to us all, then, what is a ďREALĒ story? Curious as to whom the suggested ďpublicity stuntĒ was intended to promote? Every town that Jasmine Jordan runs through should acknowledge her for her determination and dedication, particularly at such a young age, to forego her dreams of the Olympics to do what she felt so strongly about in her heart to bring attention to the death of someone so dear to her, Shelia Grothe, and to raise attention to the growing problem with people who have medical issues who are under insured and not insured. It is so easy to turn our backs on the fact that so many hard working people in this country donít have medical care when we are sitting so pretty with full coverage medical insurance. It is not until someone that you know who is without medical insurance as a result of no fault of her/her own is diagnosed with a severe medical ailment that you can begin to understand the desperation of the situation. Jazzy is NOT a ďjoke of a storyĒ and definitely not a JOKE of a cause. It is ludicrous to imply that she ran from Los Angeles through Farragut en route to New York in order to receive a ďsmall bag of gifts from our Mayor.Ē This bag was a small token of recognition to an inspirational young lady setting out to do her part to make the world a better place for all, one stride at a time! THANK YOU Mayor Ralph McGill for honoring Jazzy on behalf of Farragut and giving her the recognition that she deserves personally and for a great cause. Go Jazzy! For more info, go to:

Campbell Station Road

ē Via We have made it a family project to observe days the road building equipment is sitting idle on Campbell Station Road with no construction work being done. It is amazing what few days any work is being done. I have to travel that road daily and it is ridiculous that project is still uncompleted. It endangers the students from two schools and should have been made a priority project by the town of Farragut. Because I travel to the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge area I have watched Blalock Construction complete eight different much larger and longer distance projects since this one started. I donít know if they put in a bid on this one, but in the future for anything is Farragut, I request we get them to bid and hire them because they know how to get a job finished. I read the Editorís Note that according to Town officials the project is on schedule, workers or not and that tells me that the town did not do their job. If it is on schedule then the ones who contracted for that mess evidently did not know diddly about how long it should take to do a project like this. It may be on schedule according to their lackadaisical time frame but what is going to happen if we have rain for weeks at a time prior to the completion date? They have wasted over 137 good days they could have been working just since January. How many were wasted last fall? Is the company going to be given extra time to complete it? I think the citizens of Farragut need to DEMAND this be completed immediately and if the company canít do it then get one [that] can. Our kids deserve better than this dangerous route to travel on buses.

Editorís Note: Town officials report the contractor has until November to complete the TDOT -managed Campbell Station Road project and would be within the parameters of the contract to compete the project on the last day of that contract.

Red-light cameras law enforcement

ē Via U.S. Mail: Iím all for the red-light cameras that have been installed in Farragut and wish that the Town would install cameras to catch speeding motorists. Why have laws if they are not enforced? Before the cameras were installed I probably didnít pay much attention to coming to a complete stop before I turned right on red or I [would] speed up to make it through a yellow light. I do now. Do I worry about getting a ticket for speeding on Kingston Pike or any other street in Farragut? No! I have never seen any law enforcement of traffic regulations in the mornings when I travel on Kingston Pike. In the evenings and on weekends itís like a racetrack. I believe thereís more of a law enforcement presence on Sundays in Farragut than the rest of the week combined. When we get a driverís license weíre taught to come to a complete stop before turning on red and that if a light is yellow, itís getting ready to turn red. Traffic laws exist for a reason. For those who choose to disobey these laws and get caught, there is a fine to be paid. Itís no different if you get caught speeding from a police officer with a radar gun. Does it bother me that the money that comes from the fines goes to a business and to the Townís general fund? No, as long as the Town is not using the money in an improper manner. As far as a business making money, I wish Iíd have come up with the technology for these cameras. Iím totally amused by the ridiculous and immature comments of people who have gotten caught violating the law. It is fine by me if you shop elsewhere or take different routes around Farragut. I really doubt that a business will close its doors just because of these cameras. If you choose to disregard established traffic laws and decide to drive elsewhere, you make the roads in Farragut safer. Iím more concerned with the thousands of drivers who feel they do not have to follow the law. Now more politicians in Nashville are involved. They want laws preventing the cameras and/or reducing the fines. Whatís funny is Iíve yet to read any politicians plan to make our roads and intersections safer. Is this ďdue diligenceĒ based on their concern for traffic safety or getting votes come election time? A $10 fine is a joke and will not deter anyone from violating the law. Maybe the money from the red-light cameras [could] be used to help pay for a police department in Farragut. Then we could have a police officer do what technology is doing. I wonder how many complaints that would generate? Iím sure the thought of having to pay taxes to establish a Farragut Police Department [would] generate more complaints than these cameras. I firmly believe that if the red-light cameras save one life, then they are worth every penny they cost and every penny in fines they generate.

Red-Light cameras a win-win for Farragut

ē I for one am very happy that Farragut city officials made the decision to put in red-light cameras. Why would the citizens of Farragut want to pay, with our tax dollars, to have these intersections monitored by a police officer? Think about it, if you could get a job done without having to spend a dime to get the job done why wouldnít we go that route? City officials have saved thousands of our tax dollars in traffic enforcement by allowing a company to monitor these intersections and providing that information for review by a qualified traffic enforcement office and then appropriately issuing a traffic ticket. If there happens to be a benefit for the city in the form of dollars added to the city funds, I think that is great! Just because we are using technology to help control traffic in the city is not a bad thing. For those people who claim they will not shop in Farragut or even travel though our city because of the cameras, I say GOOD! Stay out of my city if you canít follow basic rules of the road. I use these roads like everyone else and have not yet gotten a ticket. If I do get a ticket, then shame on me for not paying attention to the signal. The minor fine will provide me with a reminder to pay more attention to what I am doing while on the road. As far as the state bill that is being considered to regulate the use of these camera systems, I feel it is warranted to a very limited degree. It should be mandated that proper signage be provided and consistent yellow light timing, but that should be where it stops. I believe that raising the fines for each additional violation should be added to the current program. Additionally the failure to pay the fine should be treated as any other failure to make a legal payment, sending it to a collection agency should be a requirement, and it should affect a personís credit report. People who donít pay their fines should be made accountable, if we donít hold that position why would anyone want to stop at a traffic signal? I would further encourage our city officials to add these camera systems to all traffic light intersections and some stop-sign intersections.


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