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Call to finish Campbell Station

ē I read in the farragutpress that the Campbell Station Road construction is managed and controlled by TDOT, and that this project will not be completed until November 2010. Itís hard to believe the work on this main access road to Farragut is not controlled by the Farragut Town administration, but instead is controlled by TDOT, who apparently doesnít care how poorly the work is progressing. Not only are the work crews idle for days at a time, but Campbell Station Road, on which they work, suffered severe potholes before the crews finally performed a sorry effort to pave over the holes. What is really outrageous is that some of the feeder roads of Campbell Station, [such as] Sonja Drive and Herron Road, which services hundreds of families every day, are hardly passable. I live in a subdivision off Herron Road, and the entrance to Herron from Campbell Station Road is in deplorable shape. Not only have the work crews placed concrete barriers along Herron Road, which is in itself a road hazard, but they have closed an existing lane and replaced it with something resembling a substitute lane. The new lane was haphazardly cobbled together with a tar surface so sloppy itís worse than a cow trail. Apparently every one of the three subdivisions serviced by Herron Road will have to live with this pathetic entryway until November, unless something is done to fix the substitute lane. I understand the need to expand Campbell Station Road, but someone ó either in the Town or the state road management ó needs to demand the road contractor correct his shoddy work and that he work a little harder to complete the road project without so many problems.

Support crime victims

ē [This] week begins another murder trial in the horrendous, brutal tragedy in the murders of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian. We, the members of East Tennessee Victims Rights Task Force, are asking our community to step up and to stand up. Please tie a purple ribbon to your mailbox or your car antenna Ö or get a purple ribbon, cut it, loop it and attach it to your shirt, your dress or your lapel. A dark purple ribbon shows support and compassion for crime victims and their families and support for a national crime victims bill of rights. Ö People, itís time to take a stand Ö

Prosecute vandals

ē Iím calling in regard to the railroad underpass at [Boyd] Station Road near the Shell convenience center. I think I speak for most all the citizens [who] travel through there that weíre sick and tired of looking at the graffiti that is sprayed on there, on the concrete abutments there at the underpass. And I wish we could hopefully find the perpetrators and get them to clean it up. I think the town of Farragut shouldnít have to have the expense of painting about once a month. Iím proud of them for doing it as quickly as they do, but itís a burden. My suggestion would be to notify the principals [at] Bearden, Lenoir City, Farragut and Hardin Valley [high schools] that there is a reward, if this is legal, for information leading to the arrest of the [miscreants who] are doing this. And I would also post a sign on either side of that underpass pointing out a reward with a phone number, where you could make an anonymous identification of the people [who] are doing that. I think that might stop this, or at least slow it down, because itís out of hand and the vulgarity is inexcusable. Thank you.

Editorís Note: Boyd Station railroad underpass is outside the boundaries of Farragut. The Townís Public Works department, under the leadership of Bud McKelvey, repaints over the graffiti as a service to its neighbors.

Town needs community center

ē This is in regards to community center interest meetings being held this week: Iím wondering why theyíre having them again when we attended the exact same meetings three years ago. If we really want to see a model of a good community center, thereís one west of us in Williamson County. Letís take some town of Farragut planners there, make some modifications and build the thing. We need a centerpiece that should [have] a competition-sized indoor pool, several multi-purpose rooms for community meetings and action instead of just discussion. So I sure hope that will be whatís happening from these meetings this time, rather than us waiting another three years for action on the community center. Come on, town of Farragut. You can do it.

Quit whining

ē Via This is for all the people who have written in saying they will no longer shop in Farragut because of the traffic cameras issuing tickets for turning right on red without coming to a complete stop. Well it looks as though you will have to shop somewhere other than Knoxville too. I just received a ticket from a traffic camera at North Peters and Cedar Bluff for turning right on red without coming to a complete stop. At least the town of Farragut was courteous enough to put up warning signs. Will I complain about the fine? NO. I broke the law and I was caught. It doesnít matter if it was an accident or not. The point is, I was not paying attention the way I should have been and did not obey the traffic laws. If I had caused an accident by failing to come to a complete stop, I would have been considered at fault and ticketed by a police officer. Which, by the way, would have cost a lot more than $50. When I read the calls placed by these whiners who think they are so entitled that they should not have to follow traffic laws, it reminds me of the whiners who were upset they could no longer pass in the median on Grigsby Chapel Road when the traffic calming islands were installed. Are you the same people?

Editorís Note: City of Knoxville red-light camera intersections are marked. There is no additional warning sign alerting motorists it is illegal to turn right on red without stopping as that issue is covered in the Tennessee Driverís Manual.

FUD fiasco

ē Via e-mail: I have the privilege of belonging to the FUD water company. I had my irrigation system started for the season. My guy told me he could install a separate meter for†the irrigation system for the approximate sum of $300. If I had a separate meter, FUD would not think I was having Troops L,K,M at my house for the summer therefore increasing my sewerage fee dramatically. TO FUD company: Iím watering my lawn!! Iím not flushing my toilet 500X/day! Why canít you figure that out! Why should I have to pay you additional sewage fees? Why MUST I have to pay you $815 plus hookup costs when I can get the same job done for $300? You told me today you would rip out any unauthorized


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