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Farragut tax dollars not for underpass

• Red-light cameras, calming islands: Farragut residents have very little to complain about, including one word in a textbook. However, one item that should be addressed is that the editor’s note mentions the Boyd’s Station railroad underpass is regularly painted by the town of Farragut, using our tax dollars to maintain a property not within our Town limits. It would appear that, if this is costing a significant amount of money, the Town ought to get Mallard Bay, Montgomery Cove and some of the subdivisions nearby to contribute to the cost of the painting. This is not a town of Farragut expense and should not be paid by the Town’s taxpayers.

Farragut statue, base

badly disproportionate

• I’m calling in regards to the statue of Adm. [James David Glasgow] Farragut that was just unveiled in our Town square. Only our Board of [Mayor and] Aldermen could be persuaded to buy the so-called life-size statue of a hero and then approve a 7-foot sculpture of the Admiral standing on a 6-foot base. The proportion is so incorrect it is evident even to an unpracticed eye. What the citizens of the Town were hoping was to see a hero’s statue in an important public place, a special plaza, near the Town Hall. The statue was to commemorate remarkable events in our history and inspire the future generations to perform service for their country. Instead we received a badly disproportionate monument. Look at classical examples of the statues of heroic figures, where the heart of the sculpture is at least twice the size of the pedestal. Look at Michelangelo’s David: it stands 17 feet tall on a 6-foot pedestal. Now, that’s a hero. I have no doubt that [sculptor] Mrs. [Linda] Rankin performed considerable research into the shape and size of buttons on the Admiral’s coat; however, it would have been much better if she had also convinced the Aldermen to follow the classical golden rule in selecting the proper proportions for the important public statuary.


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