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HVA plans graduation, trip

As the school year winds down, the senior events start to take place. While everyone is getting together before summer hits, the seniors still have a lot of planning. Where will they go? What will they do? After suffering a year of “senior-itis,” they are ready to move on to the next step. Though most have it all planned already, they are amazed that graduation is about to hit them.

“I think it was a little disappointing not to have seniors the first year,” said HVA Principal Sallee Reynolds. She went on to say, “…but looking back, it was worth it, because it was like having the same senior class for two years. [I got] to watch them grow. I feel like they are going to go out and be successful. I hope they will look back on this school with great memories and tell us about their great successes!”

Graduation day is Saturday, May 22 from four o’clock until eight o’clock at Thompson Bowling Arena. Many teachers and students are planning on attending to see this special, first time event. These seniors have come a long way from being switched out of their old schools and put in a new place. Although only a sophomore, Amanda Colton put it in the perfect words. “We may have all came from different schools, but we are all Hardin Valley kids now.”

It is hard to have something more exciting going on than graduation while in high school. However, for a handful of students all around the state, an opportunity of a lifetime has come up to take a two week trip to China this summer.

The trip came about when the Chinese teacher at HVA, Dr. Tai-Ming Chen (better known to the students as Mr. Chen), went to a convention for the Chinese teachers of Tennessee. There was a trip taken last year, but he had not known about it yet. From what he heard, it sounded like a wonderful chance, and decided to open it to the students. Anyone could apply to go, even if they are not a Chinese student.

The travel plans take the high school students to stay in Beijing, the capital, and Shon Dong, a city on the Northern coast. They will be staying in an international dormitory, living with Chinese students the whole time. They will attend cultural classes and events while enjoying a completely different way of living.

The Chinese government covers all domestic costs for the travelers, including the dorms, food, event tickets and more. What they do not pay for, unfortunately, are the more expensive things. Airfare is about $1,400. The Visa processing fee is about $300, and the international insurance is about $70.

Chen believes that the HVA students have a great chance at being asked to go, since both Chinese I and II are offered at the school. “I think it is a great opportunity that you don’t have to speak it. They just want you to focus on the culture,” said Chen.

Just because the school year is over does not mean that the students at Hardin Valley Academy are settling down. In fact, they are doing just the opposite. It is already time to start preparing for the next year, and we are ready to handle it!


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