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Laws are to protect us

• Point blank, our laws are not made to harass us but to protect us and to try to keep some order in this crazy world. They are not a suggestion or an option. Not coming to a full stop before turning right on red, driving while under the influence or with a suspended license, breaking the speed limit or mowing down a man while joy-riding on a dirt bike [are] crime[s], however small, however large. Pay your fine, do your time and don’t whine.

Turkey Creek drivers

• Hello. I’m a resident of the Turkey Creek Road area. I’m very concerned with the aggressive driving I’ve seen in the past years that I’ve lived here. There’s a white Buick that is extremely aggressive and passes me every single morning, whether or not there are children or buses. I would like for the police to address this. I’m just very concerned for this in the town of Farragut.

Red-light statue

• Yeah, I was just calling to say I finally knew where the money was going on them ticket cameras. Looks like they bought ’em a great big ol’ statue with ’em.

Colossus of Farragut

• The more I thought about the proportions of the Adm. [James David Glasgow] Farragut statue, the more I think last week’s irate [presstalk] caller may be on to something. Just think: if the statue were 20 or even 25 feet tall it would instantly be known as The Colossus of Farragut, and be counted among the Seven, no Eight, Wonders of the World. The city could build observation towers or elevator platforms and charge fees to see it from the top to bottom. Perhaps helicopter tours could be thrown in too. Instead of being known as a sleepy bedroom community, Farragut would rival great cities like Rome or Paris. Where’s the vision? Where’s the leadership? Why, Hollywood might even make a movie about it, called “Big,” or “Big Two” or maybe just “Too Big.”

Thank you Mr. Deitch

• I would like to thank Farragut High School and specifically [choral director] Mr. [Kenton] Deitch for his hard work at the choral program at the Farragut High School, which has continually come No. 1 in the state in all of their outings with the choral program. They’re a fantastic group and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to the kids.

Kudos for farragutpress

• Hello, I’m calling to say kudos to the farragutpress for running the guest editorial last week from the Farragut High School newspaper, “The Anchor.” These kids have worked really hard this year and they’ve done a great job. And I’d just like to let your readers know if they’d like to read more work from the staff writers, they could log onto Thank you very much.

Workers back

• Yes. All of the callers of presstalk seem to have brought all the workers back to Campbell Station Road to do their construction project. But I see now that the workers are back, there’s a new problem at Campbell Station, and that is extreme congestion as I drive home this afternoon from my job. And I just had a couple comments. One thing, there was this lady in one SUV who had ridden all the way up the turn lane, talking on her cell phone the whole way — you know the type — and she couldn’t be bothered to wait in line. She was just trying to force her way in after riding all the way down the turn lane. Well, fortunately, no one let her in. But in the meantime, what she did was block all the traffic that wanted to turn right there. Then I see another nut trying to do a U-turn, heading back north on Campbell Station: backing his car in, pulling up, backing out, pulling up. It’s just crazy. People need to take care when driving in this congested area. Thank you.

Breath of fresh air

• Via After the countless number of senseless diatribes regarding the red-light cameras on Kingston Pike and the median dividers/islands on Grigsby Chapel Road it was a welcome breath of fresh air to read “Quit whining” in the May 6 presstalk. The person who submitted it actually took responsibility for running a red light, getting caught by a camera and subsequently paying the fine. A person who feels that it’s important to obey the traffic laws — what a concept! Especially in Knox County, where red lights, stop signs, speed limits and double yellow lines on the pavement are apparently just suggestions/options to many motorists. Come on people, quit texting, talking on the phone and whatever other distractions you’re finding and drive like your life depends on it. It actually does.

No book banning

• Via Congradulations [sic] to our Knox County School Board for not going down the perilous road of book banning. May I suggest Mr. [Kurt] Zimmermann might wish to send his children to a private school where they are only taught what he wishes them to know. By all means educate your children as you wish, but please do not interfere with my children’s education.

Get over yourself

• Via e-mail: The recent letter to the editor regarding the proposed Weigel’s site at the corner of Northshore Drive and Choto Road has to be the most pretentious piece of junk I have ever read in farragutpress. From what I have read about this situation is you folks complained because developing the site would ruin your pastoral drive home. Well, now it’s a pastoral hayfield and the appearance is the same as the property just west of the site and you’re humiliated by the appearance. It appears that the “run down” house is being completely moved, so that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The area was more of a pastoral setting before your home was built. Get over yourself.

FPS cop a waste

• Via e-mail: Either Knox County or Farragut Primary School wasted money on the “policeman” who just stood in the FPS parking lot every afternoon this year. He never helped cars exiting onto Campbell Station Road get out of the school — what a mess, what with the traffic light there and the ongoing construction. Even after alerting the school administration to the need for help from the “officer” getting out of the parking lot, no change was made. Shame on the County, the officer and the school.


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