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Bingham Group donates posters for ‘Picnic on the Pike’

Farragut’s 30th anniversary committee gladly agreed to let a Farragut PR firm donate posters advertising the planned October “Picnic on the Pike.”

Mignonne Alman of Bingham Group, which recently relocated to Farragut, said the firm wanted to become involved in the picnic after reading about it in farragutpress.

“We’re doing this as a volunteer service,” Alman said.

Sue Stuhl, parks and leisure services director, said, “We could really use a nice poster. That’d be fun.”

Alman attended the meeting to get a better perspective of what the committee would look for in a poster: size and contents, including images and type.

She asked that the committee decide what absolutely needs to be on it and what committee members want on it, if possible.

“The more parameters you give us, the better off we’ll be. … By next meeting, you should have what you want and you’ll finalize,” Alman said.

In return for the donated posters, the Bingham Group will be a sponsor of the event.

“It’s good for all of us. … It’s good PR for them,” Marianne McGill said.

The group also discussed budget requirements for the picnic.

For entertainment side acts, the committee likely will have to purchase a stage for a little less than $400.

Those side act groups could come from the Town’s Independence Day parade list; the picnic most likely will feature three groups performing during main entertainment intermissions.

Main entertainment would feature three bands: the committee is trying to find a pop group, bluegrass group and country group.

Town staff is still researching and negotiating prices for musical groups.

The Town didn’t have price quotes from a sound group.

Four inflatables would cost $1,000. The inflatables will feature a Velcro wall, Jacob’s ladder, obstacle course and a double slide.

Games or other activities, such as face painting, would be run by individual groups, clubs or organizations.

“Picnic on the Pike” is planned for 1 to 5 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 10.

The 30th anniversary committee also discussed the Independence Day parade, which is planned for Saturday, July 3.

Sixty spots in the parade already are taken; there is a 95-spot limit.

The committee planned a date to stuff “litter” gift bags to hand out to children at the parade.


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