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Woman alleges attack

A woman searching for her dog along Grigsby Chapel Road wound up calling police after teenagers, on their first day off from school, threw an explosive at her.

“I really thought I was shot. There was something explosive in that cup,” Jacqueline Long, a resident in a subdivision along GCR, said.

Long was walking along the Grigsby Chapel sidewalk near Farragut Commons with her daughter just before 7 p.m., Monday, May 24. The two were searching for their dog, which had run away earlier in the day.

Traffic was slow, and Long said she had just looked toward the road, calling her dog’s name, when a teen boy leaned out the passenger side window of a silver SUV and threw something at her.

“It sounded like a gun,” Long said.

Long originally thought the teens had thrown a water balloon — she was splashed with liquid and covered in pieces of a balloon. But after taking her daughter home to safety and returning to the scene, Long found the pieces of an exploded plastic cup.

“A water balloon couldn’t have done all that,” Long said, pointing out the burn marks on her stomach and arm.

And she’s not sure the water balloon was filled with water either.

“It smelled like urine,” Long said.

Martha Drewery was driving behind the teenagers, heading west, and saw the incident.

“Traffic was heavy; they weren’t going fast, probably normal speed. But all of a sudden I looked and I saw part of a body hang out the back passenger side window. And then I saw something fly and I saw water splash up,” Drewery said.

“And then I looked at her, Jacqueline, and her face. She was holding her arms out and her face was just shocked. She didn’t know what had happened to her.

“And I realized what they’d done and I thought, ‘That just isn’t funny.’”

So Drewery called 911 and followed the teens when they turned into Ramsgate subdivision. Drewery gave the 911 operator part of the SUV’s license plate number: 753W ... .

“I gave her part of the license number because they’d put a rag over the back two letters, thinking, I guess, that could keep anybody from locating them,” Drewery said.

At the dead end in Ramsgate, the teens turned around. Drewery let them pass, but not before she got a good look at the driver.

“I’m sitting in the road and she looked at me and backed up and came back past me. I just sat there and looked at them, I wasn’t going to block them or anything like that,” Drewery said.

She then turned around as well, but by the time she returned to Grigsby Chapel, there was no sign of the silver SUV.

“They were gone. They weren’t right; they weren’t left. So probably what they did was speed back to Grigsby Chapel, turn right or left and then immediately turn into another subdivision,” Drewery said.

Drewery then began her search for Jacqueline and finally located her in a nearby subdivision, standing in her front yard — by this time on the phone with Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Long and Drewery said the SUV was driven by a teenage girl, with another teenage girl in the passenger seat. Two boys sat in the back, including the one who threw the explosive water balloon and cup.

“This is the first day they’re out of school and they’re that bored?” Long asked.

“The police are involved. It’s a matter of time. You will be caught; I will pursue this to the full extent,” she added.

“I just think they need to be taught a lesson. … The parents need to know,” Drewery said.


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