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Kingston Pike upkeep

• I would like to know who is responsible for the Kingston Pike street in Farragut. They are horrible. They are full of pot holes, chug holes and I try to avoid them as much as possible. I would really appreciate it if you would let me know who is responsible for the upkeep on this road. It is horrible and it is not fit for a horse and buggy.

Editor’s Note: Kingston Pike is a state street and is maintained by Tennessee Department of Transportation. According to Town Engineer Darryl Smith, TDOT plans to repave Kingston Pike from Kohl’s department store to just east of Concord Road. That project should begin in late summer to early fall.

Where, oh where …

• Hello. I’m calling in regards to the barking dog in the Waterford subdivision. I hadn’t read anything recently about the dog, so I was just concerned. Is the dog still barking? Thanks.

Free speech

• Good morning. I’m calling in regard to one of your callers in presstalk last week. That person said we shouldn’t be calling to express our opinion on the revenue cameras in the town of Farragut. My question to that person is, “What happened to our guaranteed right for free speech?” I’ve been thinking about calling to express my opinion on the cameras. And that person’s comment actually encouraged me to call. I’m against the cameras for all the reasons that have been expressed in the farragutpress, and I know a number of other people who are also opposed to the cameras. Thank you.

Thanks for graduation photos

• Via e-mail: Thank you, farragutpress for the beautiful spread you did in last week’s paper honoring all the graduating classes of 2010 in our surrounding area. I was so impressed with the layout and the color photos. As [the parent of] a graduate of Farragut High School’s Class of 2010, it was nice to see my son’s picture in the town paper, it made us feel proud to see him honored. Thank you again for the respect to our family and for the continuing good job you do in putting out a wonderful little


Editor’s Note: Photos of the Class of 2010 graduates is courtesy of the fine businesses that sponsored each school. Without those sponsors, farragutpress would not be able to publish the section. So, a round of thanks goes to those sponsors.

Community center needed

• Via Do we know whatever happened with the idea of Costco coming to Farragut? I hope it won’t come after all, I feel Farragut is not the right kind of Town to house such a huge business. Glad all that talk has died. What I’d like to see come is a community center open to all. Lets make it a “green” building and plant it in the old Kroger property. You can’t dispute that it isn’t the perfect location. Farragut sure could use a nice place that would house senior adults as well as teens and families. Town Hall is so puny and not able to offer or house as many activities as a larger center could. I do hope our Town government “is” seriously thinking about giving to the community what the community desperately needs and wants. The desire has been voiced but no action is being made to comply, what’s up? What better way to draw a Town together than to have a place it’s citizens can come to congregate, to socialize, relax, hang out and participate in activities. It would foster such camaraderie amongst the community. This place needs to have a snack bar, good sized kitchen for events, dance hall, pool, outdoor courtyard with shady trees, a place to play volleyball, horseshoes, darts, do crafts, play cards under a tree or checkers. You know a real fun place to hang out. Maybe even an area for organic gardening for the community, it would be so cool. How about it?

Editor’s Note: Town of Farragut staff has held public meetings to discuss ideas such as this. However, the old Kroger building presently is being leased and thus isn’t available unless the Town bought out the lease, which could be very costly.

Quit complaining

• Via This is intended for all the readers who cannot stop complaining in “presstalk.” I have lived in Farragut for only two years after having lived all over the East Coast, in practically every major city. In a month I will be moving yet again out of the South altogether and back to the Northeast. I read the farragutpress faithfully every week and am appalled at all the complaining that goes on about everything from calming gardens, to traffic, to statues, to red light cameras. Don’t you all realize how great you have it here in East Tennessee, and Farragut in particular? Your taxes are ridiculously low, there is NO traffic (don’t try to argue with me on this one ... try living in metro Philadelphia or D.C. for one week and get back to me), the weather is great, and the people are exceptionally courteous and wonderful in general. This is the greatest place I have ever lived and I am so saddened to leave. Perhaps you need to gain some perspective and realize that having to stop at a red light before turning right might just be worth it in the end compared to what other Americans deal with on a daily basis.

Immigration question

• Via After reading the statement made by a sweet innocent child as she conversed with The First Lady at her school in Washington, D.C.: “I still do not understand why aliens from the various countries to our southern border protest our laws that they are criminals in the eyes of our government.” None seem to grasp why they should not be allowed to remain in our beautiful [United States] once they have established themselves here. Isn’t a wrong a wrong no matter the circumstances, isn’t that what we are all taught our entire lives in school and at home? I would imagine that same lesson is being taught around the world.


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