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Why Stop Here?

It seems to me that those for red-light cameras generally fall into one of two camps.

First, there is the hateful legalists or as I see them the “shut up, stop complaining it is the law and you know it and you broke it, just pay your fine stupid” crowd. Never mind the fact that my 80 year old granny could walk through the intersection faster than most “lawless criminals” roll when turning right at an intersection. Second is the more caring safety first folks or as I see them the “as long as one life is eventually saved” crowd. This is the crowd the Mayor and Alderman want you to think they fall in to. Though having more noble intentions than the prior crowd, I still feel like they may be missing the picture with these revenue cameras. So to be fair I thought I should consider their arguments and then came to a single conclusion. Why stop here?

There is only one way to ensure safe driving and that is to mandate on board computer systems that can record and store data. An automotive “black box” if you will like those on airlines. Imagine the possibilities!

Police could download data to determine if you were speeding, swerving, or running a red light. Speeders could be caught and fined in real time.

It could be used to determine exactly who was at fault during a crash. Insurance companies could even offer discounts to those whose black boxes showed they were safe drivers and penalize those who are unsafe with premium increases.

With GPS installed, cities could tax those who contribute to congestion by using crowded roads during peak hours and mail us a bill or deduct the tax directly from our bank accounts.

Teen drivers could be monitored to ensure they are driving safely and only during approved hours.

Even the automakers would love it.

Toyota would be able to show whether the driver had his foot on the brake, as he claims, or the gas pedal. In fact with these boxes we would have cars and laws that could virtually ensure drivers could not possibly injure themselves or anyone else.

After all is said and done your arguments support “black boxes” and loss of freedom of mobility.

As long as it saves even one life, right?

Why stop here?

Danny Hodge



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