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Farragut GOP passes Arizona immigration law support resolution

State of Arizona legislators have kindred spirits in Farragut.

Concord-Farragut Republican Club has drafted and passed a resolution supporting Arizona’s recently passed, and controversial, illegal immigration control legislation.

Club members, on voice vote following a reading of the resolution by club secretary Tracy Wilson, approved the resolution at its Thursday, June 3 meeting without opposition.

“This is the first time in probably several years that our club has decided to take a strong resolution on an outside-of-the-state matter,” said Bill Johns, former club president and current treasurer who crafted the resolution. “We’ve had illegal immigrants ... who have been increasing over the years. Not just Hispanic, but all across the board.

“Wayne Sellars [club president] was thinking we probably should have a resolution for the club because of people like myself and others, who have been discussing Arizona’s bill that came out,” Johns added. “When the federal government is failing to do their job, per se, and a state has decided to no longer wait for the federal government to start addressing their issue.

“Even the state of Tennessee legislature has recently followed suit as well.”

Saying illegal immigration “also is a threat here,” Johns added, “I think the federal government is ignoring the issue. There’s a lack of capabilities and understanding of priorities. But at the national level we’re seeing more of the politics getting involved in the enforcement of this issue.”

About illegal immigrants, Sellars said, “The first people that probably are coming are those that are running from something, and we don’t need other countries’ criminals.”

Within Tennessee, illegal immigrants “can move pretty easy from one location to another as migrant workers,” Sellars added.

Responding to claims from Democratic activists and politicians, among others, saying the legislation gives too much power to law enforcement to detain those they deem simply look like an illegal immigrants — thus creating a civil rights issue — Johns said the legislation “does not target Hispanics.

“It targets illegals. ... It always comes down to officers’ discretion and their training.”

Johns added that alleged victims of discrimination can take advantage of the “civil suit system.”


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