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• I was a huge supporter of the [Grigsby Chapel Road] calming islands. I feel like they have done exactly what was intended, and I am delighted that we have them. This is the rest of the story: I am very disappointed in how they look. I was so excited about the landscaping and how attractive it would be and how it would really add to the whole overall look of the Farragut area. And they are so disappointing at this point. I sure hope there is someone like the mayor and others who have the ability to do something about this [and] will take charge of this and get our islands looking like the ones in Turkey Creek — something you can be proud of. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut elected officials stated in public meetings the plantings in the calming islands were designed so as not to resemble the landscaping of the Parkside Drive islands. Town officials worried that larger plantings would disrupt line-of-sight for drivers along Grigsby Chapel.

• I was so happy to read in the paper last week that the Concord Farragut Republican Club had drafted and passed a resolution supporting Arizona’s recently passed and controversial illegal immigration control legislation. More parts of the country and more Republican parties — and even Democratic parties — should do this. There is nothing wrong with the law passed in Arizona, and I am very upset to know the federal government is suing the state of Arizona. Thank you.

• I just wanted to send a big thank you out to the farragutpress. I just picked up and read your June 24, 2010 edition with the police reports and the report about the Choto man charged with child porn trafficking. I needed to thank whoever wrote that article, and whoever the editor is … for putting at the end of the article a reminder to the public that these are just charges and that every person is presumed innocent until their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. I really, really appreciate you all putting that in your report. It touches my heart that you all thought of these men’s family members. So thank you so, so much once again. This is the first report I’ve seen that says that in there. You all are doing a wonderful job and I will definitely be picking up your paper more often. Thank you.

• Last weekend, a pretty gray-and-white longhaired cat came into my yard bleeding profusely. I took the cat to a vet. Some mean person or persons had inflicted pain and suffering on this poor, small, defenseless animal that can’t help itself. This is not the first time this has happened in this subdivision and I think the cat’s owner should be held accountable for letting their cats roam the neighborhood, such as this one. And they’re getting killed or injured. Also they shouldn’t be allowed animals they obviously don’t care about. I live nearby and observe them letting the animals out every day to wander the neighborhood and into the road. Yes, you know who you are in Bent Tree subdivision on Smoke Creek Road.

• Hi. I’m calling regarding the comments in the paper regarding the yellow and white cat in Bent Tree subdivision — I think it’s ridiculous that people have been calling in for two weeks now and just pointing fingers and not doing anything to help the cat. Have they not heard of Animal Control? Have they not heard of Young-Williams Animal Center? No one is asking somebody to write a check; they’re asking somebody to help a cat in distress. …

• Via Farragut has a “no fireworks” rule, yet every year people shoot off all kinds of dangerous fireworks in the subdivisions on purpose and of course they start shooting them off days before and sometimes for days after the 4th of July. The police force most likely is not paid to round up rule breakers on the 4th and perhaps they don’t much want to [ruin] peoples [sic] fun neither. I’ve not been too bothered by the noise in the past until now because we have a new dog that is extremely fearful of the loud noise these small explosives make. We found out about this fear New Years night when our poor dog was on its last nerve & in a panicked state chewed on our mini blinds and the window molding. Yea[h], I know you’re saying “who cares” but since we do have [sic] a rule against the fireworks I’m not sure what the purpose of the rule is if it’s never going to be enforced. Hey, Farragut Rule Makers, what do you have to say about this?

• Via This year we did not make it to the Independence Day Parade and no one I know went to it either. I hope it was successful. I was interested in knowing if those big loud helicopters were another featured part of the parade again this year. Our families [sic] reason for not attending was solely due to our concern that we would have a replay of the distasteful monotonousness relentless display of helicopters passing overhead. It’s exciting to hear and see the helicopters flying overhead; I know the younger kids get so excited seeing such a feat. You never know who may become interested in flying for a living from this experience but the relentless fly byes [sic] were a bit in the overkill department for us. Maybe instead of wasting fuel with 2 aircrafts they could do one pass over in one helicopter and then they could go home. Are Farragut citizens allowed to voice suggestion[s] and comments toward the Independence Day Parade; would anybody listen to them? If not I’d like to know why. Happy Birthday, America.

• Via e-mail: Thank you, Farragut Business Alliance, for a wonderful town picnic last Friday on the land next to farragutpress. It was wonderfully done and looked to have good attendance. I encourage that group to continue to do more things like that. It helps to pull Farragut together as a community. I know it takes a lot of work and money by a lot of people, so thank you guys and gals, for putting it on. Now, if only next year the temperature would drop to a comfortable 80 or so!

• Via e-mail: I agree with the man who wrote the letter to the editor in the presstalk, complaining about the “enhanced” channel lineup on Charter Cable. It’s a real shame the Town can’t have two competing cable channels. I’ve been in Farragut since 1990, and I don’t think I get less service from any public utility than Charter cable. This latest change, dropping the TV guide and 10News2 (which I watch regularly because I’m not home to watch the news at 6 P.M.) is not “enhanced.” That is less service for the Expanded Basic cable subscriber. I am not a digital subscriber, don’t want to be and don’t plan to be. This change looks like an attempt to get more of us to buy their digital service. I, for one, will not do it. Maybe Satellite TV is in my near future.

• Via e-mail: I’m really surprised that [U.S.] Rep. [John J.] Duncan [Jr.] is so adamantly against red-light cameras and basic law and order. He claims, as was pointed out in farragutpress, that research shows increases in wrecks. Yet, if you look at the same material he cited, the research says differently. Duncan says the cameras are more or less bilking the public, yet fails to ever mention that if drivers obey the law, then there is no fine. How about supporting our police, Mr. Duncan, or suggest how we can put a traffic officer at each of the red-light intersections? Or will that mess up your campaign contributions?


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