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Class of ’70 to give groovin’ reunion

Class of 1970 alumni, also known as “Farragut Farmers,” will host their 40th anniversary celebration Friday and Saturday, Aug. 20-21.

FHS alumni from any class are invited to join from 6 to 11 p.m., Friday night, at Lakeside Tavern in Concord.

Saturday, the Class of 1970 will host a private, casual gathering from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 21, at Fort Loudoun Yacht Club where light hors d’oeuvres and dinner will be served. Following that meet and greet, a party will be held until midnight.

“Farragut Farmers” was the nickname given to FHS students in the late ’60s by its school rival, Bearden High School, because FHS was surrounded by farmland.

“We have a group that comes back every year at Farragut High School’s homecoming and we still laugh about it,” 1970 alumni Kathy Lamb said.

After class, students drove to Shoney’s, Jerry’s and Dairy Queen.

Just like in the movies, they’d cruise around the city, Lamb said.

“That’s all we did –– innocent times. I think after our class graduated, everything changed. Kids wore blue jeans and looked scruffy, scraggly.

“We were the last generation of the muscle cars and the good girls. I think after that, innocence was lost,” Lamb added.

And with its loss “came the boom with hippies –– peace, love and happiness –– the times changed. Everything from women’s liberation to sexual freedom.”

“Woodstock” (1970), “Easy Rider” (1969), “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” (1969) were three of the popular movies at the time. The two frequented theaters were the Capri Cinema in Bearden, and a drive-in east of what is now Farragut.

The Temptations, Supremes, Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Four Tops all sang tunes the Class enjoyed.

However, Stevie Wonder’s hit, “My Cherie Amour,” was voted the class song.

Everyone at some point in their school career snuck out and went to the lake, Lamb said.

That’s as rebellious as they’d get, she added.

“It was so ‘Mayberry.’”

Corporal punishment had been abolished in the school prior to James Bellamy’s appointment as principal, Lamb said.

“We called him ‘Beaver’ affectionately.”

Bell bottoms, often plaid-patterned polyester, were the pant of choice for the boys. Mini-skirts ruled for the girls.

The Class of 1970 had a host of rules that were abolished soon after their graduation, and some prior to graduation as the Class lobbyed for change.

Lamb remembers boys had to wear collared shirts, and girls couldn’t wear pants (until senior year). Blue jeans and T-shirts weren’t allowed.

“It was such a simple time — the bastion of Mayberry. If there was violence, it was because someone punched someone over a girl. Guys respected you and opened doors for you. And if they didn’t, you’d stand there by the door until they opened it. They came in and met your parents on a date.”

Each morning class began with a prayer from the Bible and the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken as a class.

For fun, students would sneak out of the house at night just because they could, Lamb said.

“We didn’t do anything. But we thought it was real scandalous to walk around the neighborhood.”

A few of those neighborhoods were Village Green, Thornton Heights, Suburban Hills, Crestwood Hills and Seven Oaks (where Lamb lived).

Class of 1970 Reunion Committee is Pat Lynch, Don Maloney, Jenny Craig Davis, Elizabeth Luther, Kathy Lamb, Patsy Marguerat and Joyce Sewell.

Guests will pay their own bill Friday night at Lakeside Tavern.

Saturday’s event costs $40 per person. To keep costs down, tea and soft drinks will be served; however, guests may bring their own alcoholic beverage.

For more information, e-mail Otherwise, RSVP to Jenny Craig Davis, 10815 Rogers Island Road, Knoxville, TN 37922 by Thursday, July 29.

Checks also may be mailed to Davis.


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